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The fourth industrial revolution has begun. Are you ready?

Industrial Revolution 1.0 - 4.0


What is Industry 4.0?

We are now experiencing the fourth industrial revolution – dubbed ‘Industry 4.0’. This is characterised by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and cyber-physical.

Just as businesses 150 years ago had to adapt to electricity enabling mass production, today’s enterprises face the challenge of embracing smart technologies (such as robotics and artificial intelligence) and data to drive intelligent action in the physical world. 

Knowing when and how to incorporate these new technologies into your business model isn’t easy, and helping companies adapt to Industry 4.0 is a priority for Callaghan Innovation in its role as New Zealand’s innovation agency. We do this by connecting you to the capabilities, co-funding and networks you need to succeed, and by providing valuable insights and ideas.


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What does Industry 4.0 look like in practice?

Advances include:

Internet of Things: monitoring and control for increased efficiency

Industry 4.0 - Emergent New Technologies

Recent advances in sensing and communication technologies enable you to better understand your production and manufacturing processes. You can identify process bottle-necks and implement predictive and preventative maintenance. Sensors can provide you live updates on your production process as well as identifying when tools are becoming worn or require maintenance.

Digital twin: modelling your product and processes

Using the data collected by sensors and building a computer model of your product or process will allow you to create a Digital Twin. This will give you real-time status updates on your product and processes, as well as going through ‘what-if?’ scenarios, without putting your assets at risk.

Robots and automation: increased efficiency and precision, reduced health & safety risks

Modern production systems are increasingly automated. However you can also retrofit automation to existing and older machinery to improve performance. Integration of assistive robots, e.g. to perform repetitive and dangerous tasks, delivers further benefits.

How we can help

Callaghan Innovation can help your business make the most out of the opportunities Industry 4.0 offers.

Our experts deliver a range of relevant services, including advanced manufacturing R&D, Lean manufacturing training, 3D printing and industrial robot hire. We also provide access to events, sector collaborations and overseas delegations.

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Aronui - Industry 4.0 navigator

As an impartial advisory service , Aronui Industry 4.0 Navigator is a guided experience to inspire business leaders to think beyond optimising for productivity.

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Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network

An initiative to help NZ businesses realise the benefits of a range of digital technologies that will enhance manufacturing performance, output, monitoring and control

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Lean programme

Boost business productivity and increase staff engagement with our Lean one-day workshop and a 12-month co-funded coaching programme

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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Energise and improve your R&D with our manufacturing experts.

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Universal Robot

Trial a manufacturing robot

Trial a collaborative robot in your workplace to see how automation could benefit you, including increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Sensing and Automation

Data and IoT

Our Internet of Things and Data experts will accelerate your product development.

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Case studies

Innovation is never easy, but we help our customers beat the odds and succeed anyway. Here are some of their success stories.

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Advanced Manufacturing


Webinar videos, survey insights and case studies in the Industry 4 Network website

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Upcoming events

Discover the latest events for the Industry 4.0 sector

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