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You’ve dreamt up a fantastic new idea. Everyone you’ve confided in thinks it’s a great idea and it could change the world. But there’s lots of work to do before it becomes a fully fledged, profitable product.

Now what? Which journey to embark on next?

The obvious place to start would be Research and Development (R&D). But even then, you might be wondering if you and your newly-formed team are set up properly to undertake the assignment.

The New to R&D Grant is unlike other grants in this space. Rather than just focussing on and funding a specific R&D project, it also funds training and upskilling to equip you and your team with a rounded knowledge and expertise to proficiently lead future R&D projects.

We’ll fund 40% of both the cost of your proposed R&D activities and Capability Development activities, up to a maximum of $400,000, helping to set you up for long-term success.

We know R&D can be uncertain and there’s no guarantee of yielding the results you want. But with that initial groundwork done - your ducks in a row - you can feel more confident that you’ll get to the right outcome as fast as possible, for all of your future R&D activities.

Benefits to your business

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Lay foundations for long-term R&D

Equip your team with a set of skills and knowledge needed to undertake effective R&D for years to come. 

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Decrease future R&D risks

Undertake future R&D activities more efficiently, and reduce risks of misspent time and money. 

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Reassure future investors

Demonstrate the new abilities of your team, to help reassure future investors that R&D investment is being well spent.

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Set up for future funding and support

Open the doors to future R&D funding, including the R&D Tax Incentive.

Ready for the R&D Tax Incentive

With your newly found R&D capabilities, skills and knowledge, and your first R&D project underway, it’s highly likely that your business will become eligible for the R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI): a 15% tax credit that can be claimed annually against eligible R&D expenditure. 

Since its launch, the RDTI has provided over $300m in credits, and supported over $2bn of R&D investment.

An introductory session with the RDTI Engagement team will help you understand all the eligibility criteria, ensure you’re collecting the right information throughout the year and lend a guiding hand as you progress towards filing your application.

Find out more about the R&D Tax Incentive.

How the funding works

The grant will fund 40% of your eligible R&D activities and Capability Development building, up to the maximum total of $400,000.

As part of the funding agreement, you will be required to conduct activities from at least two different Capability Development categories (above). You’ll need to provide the details of your chosen Capability Development activities as part of your application. Additionally you’ll need to demonstrate how your chosen capability development will build knowledge in the business, and the impact it will have on driving long-term R&D performance. 

Your capability development activities should comprise no less than 5% of the total grant funding.  

Example (broken down below) : Your costs are $1,000,000. You will receive $400,000 total in co-funding, requiring you to fund the remaining $600,000. You must undertake two Capability Development activities within this total funding amount; the costs of which are also funded at 40%.


Activity Costs 40% funded by Callaghan Innovation

Capability Development 1: IP training

$30,000 $12,000
Capability Development 2: Regulatory training $20,000 $8,000
Your chosen R&D activities $950,000 $380,000
Total $1,000,000 $400,000

Is this right for me?

Because the grant is designed with a very specific purpose, there are some stringent rules around who can receive it. 

As a first step, your business must:

    • Your business is an eligible entity
    • Your business must not have received any government funding for R&D greater than $5,000 in the three years prior to the date of submission of your application
    • Your business must have spent less than $50,000 in total on R&D over the three years prior to the date of submission of your application
    • You must be able to fund your share of the R&D costs

You can read the full eligibility criteria on the New to R&D resource hub.

You'll be asked to provide evidence for your 60% share of the co-funding. Read our evidence of funds advice, to see what evidence is suitable. 

If you are part of a corporate group containing other R&D performing businesses, you may not be eligible to apply. You will be assessed on whether you have access to the capabilities of those businesses to assist you with your R&D. See our grouping guidance here.


The New to R&D grant is best suited to businesses that are in their very early stages of launching a new product or service. You may be a completely new venture in its startup phase, or an existing business that’s not really delved into R&D.

You could be from a scientific or engineering background and need further knowledge and skills in business and understanding the customer. You could be from an entrepreneurial background and need further knowledge in research methodology or deeper technical analysis.

What’s most important is acknowledgement that you and your team have skills and knowledge gaps that you need to fill to effectively drive your future R&D projects.

Frequently asked questions

If I have a New to R&D Grant, can I also apply for a Career or Experience Grant?

If you have previously received a student grant (Experience, Career or Fellowship grant), you are not eligible to apply for the New to R&D Grant. However, if you are approved for a New to R&D Grant, you may apply for a student grant in the future.

Can I apply if I do not need any capability development activities?

No - if you do not need any capability development, you are not eligible and should move to the RDTI.


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New to R&D Grant Resource Hub

A full list of resources can be found on our New to R&D Grant Resource Hub.

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