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Three Kiwi cleantech startups named in Asia-Pacific top 25

This article was published on May 9, 2024, 2:55 PM

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Three Kiwi cleantech startups seeking to follow in the footsteps of Nasdaq-listed waste-to -value leader Lanzatech have been included in a list of those to watch in the Asia-Pacific.

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    Geo40, Aspiring Materials and Zincovery are part of the most recent Cleantech APAC25, a list of the 25 startups most likely to make significant market impact over the next five years.

    The list is compiled by a multi-national panel of experts and curated by the Cleantech Group, an international cleantech market research and events business advisory and consultancy.

    It’s great to see these ambitious Kiwi cleantech ventures recognised again on the world stage hot on the heels of Neocrete, Tectonus and bspkl, making the 2023 CleanTech Forum 50 to Watch list of the most promising startups globally, 

    says Phil Anderson, Callaghan Innovation Business Innovation Advisor, and New Zealand Cleantech Mission Lead.

    Zincovery has developed an industry-disrupting technology to recycle zinc with 20 times fewer emissions and with 45% lower production costs, compared to current solutions. This makes Zincovery the world’s only producer of low-carbon, high-purity, and fully recycled zinc. 

    Geo40 develops unique, innovative technologies for mineral recovery from underground fluids for deployment in the global transition towards cleaner energy and critical minerals. Aspiring Materials is building Aotearoa New Zealand’s first carbon mineralisation facility. 

    All three startups were part of the Cleantech Trek USA, a New Zealand Cleantech Mission that connected Kiwi cleantech ventures with corporates and investors at networking events in Silicon Valley, and at the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America, in San Diego, in January. 

    “For our cleantech founders the value of getting in-market face-time with investors, potential partners, and multinationals at events like the Cleantech Group Forum is absolutely huge. 

    “Having three of these startups make the APAC25 shows how important it is to have a physical presence internationally at trade shows, and other cleantech industry events.

    “The quality of our science and technology is up there with the very best but Kiwi cleantech founders also need to overcome distance from markets, and limited access to capital at home. Additionally, the small size of our domestic market means most of our cleantech founders need to look off-shore from day one. This is why it is crucial that they’re represented at big in-market events where they can gain such great exposure.

    “Cleantech Trek USA is an example of how several Government agencies can work together to support our globally ambitious cleantech startups. I’m looking forward to continuing to work closely with Cleantech Mission partners NZTE, Auckland Unlimited, Are Ake, and Uniservices, as well as MacDiarmid Institute, Kiwinet and NZGCP, to support Kiwi cleantech founders at similar events in the near future,” he says.   

    Next week eight cleantech ventures will attend the Cleantech Forum Asia in Singapore.  “It's fantastic to see NZTE leading this trek – we have great momentum,” says Phil Anderson.

    On 22 May the New Zealand Cleantech Mission will launch at Parliament Profiling the Cleantech Sector in New Zealand, a new report outlining the current size and impact of this growing sector. It will also take deep dives into key topics such as investment, regulation, infrastructure, and talent.

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