Callaghan Innovation Final Selects 11
Three Kiwi cleantech startups named in Asia-Pacific top 25

Geo40, Aspiring Materials and Zincovery are part of the most recent Cleantech APAC25, a list of the 25 startups most likely to make significant market impact over the next five years.

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Showcasing world leading Kiwi cleantech innovation to Silicon Valley
Showcasing world-leading Kiwi cleantech innovation to Silicon Valley

The globally ambitious Kiwi cleantech ventures connected with corporates and investors at networking events in Silicon Valley and at the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America, in San Diego, as part of a New Zealand Cleantech Mission led by Callaghan Innovation last month.

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Ray Simpkin img3
Rua Bioscience: Sowing the seeds to success in the medicinal cannabis industry

At a glance Before gaining one of the first commercial licences in New Zealand to grow and supply cannabis-derived medicines, Rua Bioscience spent years investing in R&D projects and developing their facilities.

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paku tools
Friendship and community drives Wellington company

Paku’s story starts at the kōhanga reo sandpit with Wellington designer Johnson Witehira watching his tamariki play.

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lab worker using a pipette - amaroq
Closer than ever

At a glance Biotech startup Amaroq Therapeutics is developing therapies to fight some of the most hard-to-treat and prevalent cancers.

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A new STQRY unfolding for Wellington startup

From a start at Wellington Zoo just three years ago, newly re-launched mobile location technology company AREA360 and its most famous creation, STQRY, are set to explode on the world stage thanks to a significant injection of investment funds.

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helico 2 img3
Helico: Letting food be the medicine, literally

At a glance Helico is aiming to produce therapeutic compounds from plants and, ultimately, ‘edible medicine’, with the technology potentially increasing accessibility and affordability of essential medicines.

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Seequent: Seeing success after seeing below the surface

At a glance 3D geological modelling software business Seequent makes the ‘unseen’ of the subterranean world ‘seen’, aggregating geoscience data to give users a fuller picture of what lies beneath the earth’s surface.

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Co founders Evan Jia Levi Facwett Nathan Taylor Mark Song
Partly: Driving change in the auto parts industry

At a glance Christchurch-based tech startup Partly is digitally disrupting the world’s $1.9 trillion automotive parts market, after noticing the incredibly complex landscape while focused on a previous business.

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Farmer and cow
Halter: The future of farming, developed in our backyard

At a glance Agritech innovator Halter develops ‘smart collars’ for cows to make dairy farming simpler and more sustainable.

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EMROD: The power of good helping to make waves in the power industry

At a glance Wireless power startup EMROD is developing technology to transmit high-power electricity safely over long distances without the use of power lines.

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Neocrete: Redefining concrete and cementing an eco-friendly future for construction

At a glance In the face of huge emissions created by concrete production, Neocrete set out to create a cement mix using pozzolans, a pumice-like volcanic material, that would reduce carbon emissions and improve concrete performance.

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