Kitea Health Product
Kitea Health: Implantable tech battling chronic conditions

Who are Kitea Health?

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Rua Bioscience: Sowing the seeds to success in the medicinal cannabis industry

At a glance Before gaining one of the first commercial licences in New Zealand to grow and supply cannabis-derived medicines, Rua Bioscience spent years investing in R&D projects and developing their facilities.

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lab worker using a pipette - amaroq
Closer than ever

At a glance Biotech startup Amaroq Therapeutics is developing therapies to fight some of the most hard-to-treat and prevalent cancers.

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AgriSea named Callaghan Innovation Hi-Tech Māori Kamupene o te Tau – Māori Company of the Year

The Paeroa-based company – which provides innovative, proven and effective seaweed products that benefit people and the planet – was named Callaghan Innovation Hi-Tech Māori Kamupene o te Tau/Māori Company of the Year at the 2022 NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

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Helico: Letting food be the medicine, literally

At a glance Helico is aiming to produce therapeutic compounds from plants and, ultimately, ‘edible medicine’, with the technology potentially increasing accessibility and affordability of essential medicines.

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Biotelliga: Helping feed the world without harmful chemicals

At a glance Biotelliga is developing biologically based technologies - that work consistently - to help growers protect their crops from pests and disease, reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals.

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Andrew Kralicek (sciencelens)
Harnessing the power of insect senses

Scentian Bio founder Andrew Králíček would know.

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Wilderlab: Putting the microscope on the entire freshwater ecosystem

At a glance Wellington-based Wilderlab is making environmental DNA (eDNA) testing more accessible, helping monitor and understand our freshwater ecosystems a lot more.

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Manuka Bioscience: Developing mānuka oil into a natural antibiotic

At a glance With a growing resistance to antibiotics for infections, Manuka Bioscience has been exploring using oil from East Cape mānuka trees to develop treatments for skin infections.

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Mānuka Health: Pioneering the power of New Zealand propolis

At a glance After pioneering Mānuka honey research and product development, Mānuka Health turned their attention to researching propolis, another material made from bees.

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Aroa Biosurgery: Regenerative healing unlocked, thanks to sheep

At a glance Biomaterials company Aroa Biosurgery’s technology uses a traditionally low-value natural raw material to help make high-value, high-quality products for human healthcare applications.

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Snowberry: Trusting the process to develop skincare that can be trusted

At a glance Skincare company Snowberry set out to develop natural, science-backed skin care products that customers could trust to actually do what it said.

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