The report celebrates companies that have become the world-beating, world-bettering, innovative businesses that Sir Paul envisioned. Callaghan Innovation is proud to have supported them at pivotal points in their journey from idea to global success story. We're confident there are more companies to come, and anticipate adding them to the list until we reach 100.

We hope these stories will inspire others, and look forward to helping make their dreams a reality too.


One hundred inspired New Zealand entrepreneurs can turn this country around

Sir Paul Callaghan

This Year's Companies

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Up & coming companies

We’re also keeping an eye on companies we believe are showing potential to join the 100.


During the interviews with founders and leaders from the inaugural Sir Paul Callaghan 100 Report companies, they graciously and generously shared their best advice to inspire other innovators and entrepreneurs aiming to follow in their footsteps and become world-beaters. We have collated their advice here.

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