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We are specialists in software, electronics, and mechanical technologies with deep patent expertise and extensive experience creating intangible asset value for some of New Zealand’s biggest technology success stories. By understanding your business and technology we explain intangible assets in accessible terms and show you how to use them in ways that make commercial sense to you.  We can take you on the full journey from strategy development, through implementation to IP protection to enforcement. 

We are domain experts in the fields of software, electronics, and mechanical technologies. We have computer science graduates, engineers and physicists with all senior staff qualified as both patent attorneys and lawyers.

We have been deeply involved in the New Zealand technology sector from the early successes of companies like MAS and Trademe through to New Zealand technology success stories like Green Button, PowerbyProxi, Taska and Soul Machines. 

We work on both sides, developing intangible asset positions for technology companies and evaluating them for leading New Zealand investment funds and high wealth individuals.  Through deep involvement working with these parties and their advisors we understand how to best leverage intangible assets and can use this knowledge for your benefit.

We explain intangible assets (IAs) in your terms and teach you to use them in ways that make sense to you.

We are not IP evangelists. There are no sacred cows and we enjoy working from first principles in each problem domain.  We take a pragmatic commercial approach, treating IP in the same way as all other categories of business value and risk. 


We can take you through the full journey from strategy development, through implementation and IP protection to enforcement.

From an understanding of your commercial environment, your position, commercial strategy and technology roadmap we scale and tailor a programme for your business and technology typically including:

  1. Intangible asset education – understanding the different types of IAs and how they can be used.
  2. Intangible asset management – how to get the most out of free intangible assets and make decisions for registered IP.
  3. Intangible asset strategy – understanding how intangible assets may be used strategically for best advantage to maximise company value and minimise risk.
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  • Transport and logistics
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$450 per hour or $2,500 per day

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