HTK Group

Established in 2015, our organisation provides a range of services which include, Business Advisory, Management Consultancy, Programme and Project Management with a focus on growing and accelerating businesses potential. We have an innovative and experienced team, from a diverse range of backgrounds willing and waiting to serve.

HTK Group is a Māori-owned professional service organisation, which specialises in business advisory, consultancy, ,growth, development and investment. We have specialists in most areas of business, from startups through to after-sales service. In addition to our professional commercial advisory services, we also deliver several government funded programmes.

HTK Group is one of the largest Māori business consultancy firms in Aotearoa. Grounded in a practical approach to business development, we work with your business to identify and develop achievable and sustainable solutions. Our approach centres around building and maintaining relationships with our clients to understand their needs and deliver results.

The Lean team at HTK Group has a wealth of experience running successful businesses in NZ, Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan. Our Lean team is supported by our business advisory team, which provides ancillary support throughout our engagements with clients. We have extensive knowledge and experience and relish the opportunity to share this with our clients.

Lean Service Delivery Methodologies Lean is a collaborative process, so we work closely with clients and their teams to build buy-in throughout the organisation. We want everyone to see the success and benefits of Lean so that they independently look for more.

Our goal is to encourage and implement a culture of continuous and ongoing improvement by guiding our clients through the journey – educating, sharing key techniques and showing success. Our first step is getting to know our clients, their business and current goals. Using our experience and methodologies we take a business through our process, investigating key areas throughout the supply chain to maximise workflow – from customers’ orders through to finished product and sales. 

Communication is key throughout the journey. Together we will take business goals; break them down to specific, easy-to-follow project plans; then allocate resources (creating resources if needed) and timeframes – all while generating buyin. Each project plan can have a client lead, or ‘project champion’, monitoring and encouraging progress. Their exposure will be measured by our Lean team to ensure they are learning with the right levels of support and challenges.

Contacts Sector expertise

Areas of experience

  • Lean concept implementation and adoption (Six Sigma, TOC, JIT) 
  • ERP/MRP systems enhancement and systems integration (go-live readiness) 
  • Change management and support 
  • Supply-chain optimisation and outsourcing
  • Digital tools to maximise efficiencies and opportunities
  • Inventory control
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Health and safety
Sector Experience
  • Manufacturing and industrial 
  • Sheet metal fabrication 
  • Automotive sector 
  • Warehousing and logistics 
  • Food and beverage 
  • Startups
  • Digital technology

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Pricing is dependent upon the type of support required, ranging from $250 per hour to $1,800 - $2,400 per day.

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