We value diversity of voice and experience.

As Aotearoa New Zealand's Innovation Agency, we're not just leading the way in supporting the commercialisation of science and technology, but also in responding to global cultural and societal shifts. We're deeply committed to the resilience and sustainability of Aotearoa, to tangata whenua, and to serving our diverse population. To design effective, sustainable solutions, we know we must prioritise diversity of voice and experience in everything we do.

We're on a transformative journey, guided by a justice-oriented approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. We’re committed to transparent reporting on our pay and representation gaps, and we're actively working to eliminate them.

For us, true innovation comes from welcoming diversity of thought, life experience, abilities, and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. We actively foster an equitable, inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and able to be themselves.

As of August, 2023

Gender pay gap is 7.1%

Māori + Pacific pay gap is 15.4%

Asian pay gap is 12.7%

Our Executive Leadership is 50% female

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Kia Toipoto Action Plan

To learn more about what we're doing to address pay equity and ethnic representation, see our Kai Toipoto Action Plan. This mahi comprises a comprehensive set of actions we are taking to close our gender, Māori, Pasifika and ethnic pay and representation gaps.

Current State August 2023    
Callaghan Innovation Including ELT Excluding ELT
Gender pay gap mean 7.1% 6.8%
Gender pay gap median 9.3% 9.4%
Māori & Pacific pay gap mean 15.4% 25.3%
Māori & Pacific pay gap median 31.3% 32.5%
Asian pay gap mean 12.7% 9.6%
Asian pay gap median 15.2% 15.2%

Callaghan Innovation

We’ve used Stats NZ ethnicity categories to calculate for different groups within Callaghan Innovation. To protect employee confidentiality - and for statistical accuracy - we’re unable to calculate pay gaps for groups of less than 20. This means we’ve aggregated our Māori and Pacific employee population in order to report on them. Numbers of Middle Eastern, Latin American + African employees (MELAA) within the org are too low to report on. Low numbers also mean we’re unable to disaggregate male and female ethnicity data. Māori, Pacific and Asian pay gaps are calculated via hourly wage relative to Pākehā / NZ European hourly wage. This is also how we’ve calculated our own Māori & Pacific pay gap and our Asian pay gap. Stats NZ calculates national gender pay gap using median pay.

August 2023 |  8.6%    
Pay gaps for other major groups Male Female
Māori pay gap 16.7% 23.0%
Pacific pay gap 22.9% 24.0%
Asian pay gap 10.9%  17.4%

NZ Gender Pay Gap information provided by Stats NZ; Māori, Pacific and Asian Pay Gap information is provided by Motu Research & Mind The Gap.


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