Every idea, no matter how brilliant, faces hurdles on the path to becoming a reality. We’re here to help — by putting the problem-solving expertise of over 200 top scientists and engineers, and our world-class R&D facilities at your disposal. No matter what technical challenges you’re faced with, our specialist advice and proficiency in product development will help you tackle them and get from concept to world-beating, market-ready product and beyond.

Why work with us?

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Tailored Business Solutions

No two projects are alike – and neither are our solutions. By collaborating closely with you, we tailor-design a solution and deliver to your commercial timeframes.

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Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our unique interdisciplinary services and breadth of knowledge allow us to approach challenges from multiple angles and combine expertise from different fields to provide innovative solutions.

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IP Security and Confidentiality Assurance

We operate strict confidentiality and non-compete agreements with clients, so you can trust us with sensitive projects and proprietary information.

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Support with Regulation Compliance

We can provide guidance on the regulatory landscape and mandated standards applicable to your industry, backed by deep technical knowledge.

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Crystallising Innovations, End-to-End

Our comprehensive range of contract R&D services spans all parts of the development process, from the smallest seed of an idea, to the final take-to-market touches.

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Unrivalled Equipment and Expertise

Access cutting edge equipment you won't find elsewhere, expertly operated by some of the brightest scientific and technical minds in Aotearoa.

Advanced Engineering Materials
Advanced Engineering and Materials

We help you to make engineering decisions and material choices confidently, accelerating your design and development process.

Lipids and Natural Products
Lipids and Natural Products

Understand the true value of your product with this one-stop-shop for lipid analysis, conducted by Aotearoa’s leading scientists.

Advanced Mechatronics hero image
Advanced Mechatronics

Achieve competitive advantage through robotics and process automation

Fermentation Microbiology
Fermentation and Microbiology

Your one-stop-shop for specialist expertise and equipment for fermentation, bioprocessing and microbiology.

Communications RDS hero image

Helping to create better communications, audio and underwater sound solutions using electronics, FPGAs and embedded software.

Protein Enzyme Engineering
Protein and Enzyme Engineering

Accelerate your biotechnology research with access to biochemistry, genetic engineering, extraction, isolation, and characterisation experts.

Data Vision hero image
Data Vision

Harness the capabilities of AI and Machine Learning to extract maximum value from your data and enhance business efficiency.

RDS Food Processing
Food Processing and Analytical Services

Launch your innovative food and health products faster, while improving sustainability and quality.

RDS Microfabrication
Microsystems and Polymers

Access leading expertise for sensing, detection, characterisation, and fabrication technologies.

RDS Process Engineering
Process Engineering

Implement a new bioprocess or optimise an existing process to deliver breakthrough products and services.

Meet our experts

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Andrea Bubendorfer
Andrea Bubendorfer Chief Scientist Creativity is more important than knowledge

I am Callaghan Innovation's Chief Science Officer. I love that we take society’s hardest challenges and create solutions to develop a better future for the country.

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Andrea Bubendorfer Chief Scientist
Andrew Kay
Andrew Kay Group Manager - Biotechnologies Managing our Amazing BioTechnologies Group

I work as the Group Manager for the Biotechnologies team. Since 2004 I have managed a number of research teams at Industrial Research Ltd and Callaghan Innovation including the Photonics Team, the Advanced Materials Group and the Advanced Manufacturing Cluster.

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Andrew Kay Group Manager - Biotechnologies
Paul Rose
Paul Rose Team Leader Bioprocessing Fermentation Fermentation process development expert

I am a Team Leader in the Biotechnologies division specialising in Bioprocessing and Fermentation. My role mainly involves providing leadership in fermentation process development and facilitating the transfer of technology to companies for the commercialisation of R&D.

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Paul Rose Team Leader Bioprocessing Fermentation
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis Team Leader, Principal Scientist and NMR Facility Manager NMR Spectroscopy leader and innovator

I work as both a Team Leader, Principal Scientist and NMR Facility Manager within the Lipids and Natural Products Biotechnology team. Renowned as a quantitative NMR spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) expert, I have initiated and managed cutting-edge magnetic resonance facilities across both Canada and New Zealand.

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Andrew Lewis Team Leader, Principal Scientist and NMR Facility Manager
Cynthia Sun
Cynthia Sun Team Leader, Principal Research Scientist Leading protein and enzyme biotechnology research

I'm currently the Team Leader and Principal Research Scientist in the Proteins and Enzymes team within the Biotechnologies group. I have deep experience and expertise in the field of biochemistry around biotransformation, protein extraction, glycoenzymes and bioassays.

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Cynthia Sun Team Leader, Principal Research Scientist
Stephen Tallon
Stephen Tallon Team Leader, Principal Chemical Engineer Supercritical fluid processing for natural products

I'm the Team Leader and Principal Chemical Engineer in the Process Engineering team at Callaghan Innovation. My expertise lies in the field of Biotechnologies, specifically focusing on Industrial processing of natural products, solvent extraction, and supercritical fluid processing.

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Stephen Tallon Team Leader, Principal Chemical Engineer
Ihab Sinno
Ihab Sinno Team Lead Solving challenging problems in applied technologies

I am an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of leading cross-disciplinary R&D teams.  My technical background spans the disciplines of physics and engineering, with a focus on materials science, and sensor systems development and prototyping.

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Ihab Sinno Team Lead
Ryan McKinlay
Ryan McKinlay Team Leader Team lead for advanced engineering and materials

I lead the Advanced Engineering & Materials team, one of five teams in our Applied Technologies group. I joined Callaghan Innovation in 2014 after completing a master's degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury. Since joining I have delivered a wide range of projects for our customers.

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Ryan McKinlay Team Leader
Aaron Reid
Aaron Reid Acting Team Leader, Principal Research Scientist Machine Learning and AI

I am the Acting Team Leader and a Principal Research Scientist in the Data Vision Team. My expertise lies in the exciting fields of AI, machine learning, data science, image processing, and computer vision.

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Aaron Reid Acting Team Leader, Principal Research Scientist
Ivo Gorny
Ivo Gorny Team Leader Advanced Mechatronics Efficient and productive innovations for Industry 4.0

I am the Team Leader for the Advanced Mechatronics team where I work on manufacturing process optimisation and implementing innovations to drive efficiency and productivity. My expertise in Industry 4.

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Ivo Gorny Team Leader Advanced Mechatronics

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