Aotearoa’s growers, farmers and producers make a massive contribution to the lives of Kiwis and to the country’s economy. We’re rightly proud of the produce that comes from our shores.

For every organic product that makes it to the store shelves, a range of by-products are created: waste produced from growing, harvest and processing, or goods that fall short of standards.

Finding new ways of squeezing value from these by-products is critically important to the hard-working producers, not only to make every acre profitable, but also to protect and enhance our environment for many generations to come.

The Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) was formed with the explicit purpose of finding value in New Zealand’s biological by-products. Made up of four leading research agencies and organisations — including Callaghan Innovation — the alliance offers the primary industries access to world-renowned scientists and engineers. We’re proud to add our extensive experience in food science and technology to the alliance’s offering.

The alliance offers an open invitation to curious, eager and outside-of-the-box thinking businesses to bring forward their by-product challenges and work with one of the four research groups. Research is co-funded, helping to not only accelerate innovation, but also de-risk commercialisation.

The aim is to provide unique and exciting solutions that make a substantial difference to the environment, the profits of producers, and the products ending up on our shelves.

We’re proud to be sharing in these challenges with three other exceptional research organisations.

Benefits to your business

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Find new value

Turn your by-products and waste into valuable products and goods.

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Reduce your impact

Contribute to a circular economy and minimise your impact on the environment.

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De-risk new opportunities

Market, technical and economic feasibility as part of the research.

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Access leading experts from four agencies

Leverage the leading minds from four leading research agencies to find the best possible outcomes.

Is this right for me?

Businesses in the forestry, marine, agriculture, horticulture, dairy, wool and meat processing sectors, based in New Zealand, can apply to the BPA for research.

Applications need to be submitted by one of the Alliance Partners or a University. Organisations of all sizes across Aotearoa New Zealand are welcomed to bring forward their by-product and waste challenges.

Got an idea to repurpose or process your by-products or waste? Or does something you’re working on need some additional scientific support?

In the first instance, please reach out to the Bioresource Processing Alliance team, for an initial chat.

If the team there can see potential for your idea or research, they’ll formally match-make you with one of the four research agencies, depending on what type of support is needed.

You’ll then work in partnership with the agency to make a formal application for funding.

BPA backed projects can range anywhere from $5,000 to around $500,000 - most projects tend to be under $150,000.

Cash co-funding is required, with the BPA generally funding around 70%, and the remainder coming from the business interested in the research.

The BPA encourages projects to be undertaken in stages  whereby an initial project is undertaken and this can be followed by subsequent projects.  There is no limit to how many projects can be conducted but there is no assumption that funding will be granted at any stage.

The BPA is funded by The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

More details can be found on the BPA website.

The  Bioresource Processing Alliance also offers:

Virtual Pilot Plant Network

The BPA has created a Virtual Pilot Plant Network (VPPN) Database. 

The New Zealand partners, universities, research providers and private industry have a range of bioprocessing pilot scale processing plants that can be accessed through this database.

This is a free-to-access service for the NZ bioprocessing community.

Student research and internships

The BPA is offering undergraduate (Internships) and graduate (Masters and PhDs) programmes to support its mission. Funding for postgraduate programmes includes a stipend, student fees and a contribution towards direct costs.

More information is available on the BPA website.

Meet our partners

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AgResearch logo

AgResearch provides scientific research and development to New Zealand’s pastoral sector and specialises in: meat, dairy and animal fibre co-products, including expert knowledge in pre-processing, handling and product development with potentially difficult materials.

Read more
Plant and Food Research Logo
Plant & Food Research

Plant & Food Research is a research organisation that specialises in research and development that adds value to fruit, vegetable, crop, seafood and food products.   

Read more
Scion research logo

Scion specialises in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood products and other biomaterial sectors. Scion is the leading research organisation in: sustainable forest management; wood processing, wood-related bioenergy, secondary streams and other biomaterials; and the biorefinery approach to whole-of-resource use.  

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Meet our experts

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Robert Blache
Robert Blache Product Manager R&D and Scale-up Networks product lead

I work in the Product Management team running three products which together support Advanced Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Bioresource Processing industries. Within these industries, I am helping NZ entrepreneurs unlock the capability and funding needed for their journey to business success.

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Robert Blache Product Manager
Owen Catchpole edit
Owen Catchpole Team Leader, Chief Engineer Leader in Industrial Supercritical Extraction

I am the Team Leader and Chief Engineer in the Food Processing and Biotechnologies research group. Here my chemical engineering background gets applied to the development of extraction, separation and fractionation processes for the production of nutraceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals.

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Owen Catchpole Team Leader, Chief Engineer
Paul Rose
Paul Rose Team Leader Bioprocessing Fermentation Fermentation process development expert

I am a Team Leader in the Biotechnologies division specialising in Bioprocessing and Fermentation. My role mainly involves providing leadership in fermentation process development and facilitating the transfer of technology to companies for the commercialisation of R&D.

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Paul Rose Team Leader Bioprocessing Fermentation
Teresa Moreno v2
Teresa Moreno Principal Project Engineer Supercritical fluid extraction expert

I work as a Principal Project Engineer specialising in Process Engineering within the Biotechnologies team where my focus is on the production of high-value products derived from biological resources.

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Teresa Moreno Principal Project Engineer
CTA TeMuka

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