Robert Blache

Robert Blache

Product Manager

Product Group

R&D and Scale-up Networks product lead

I work in the Product Management team running three products which together support Advanced Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Bioresource Processing industries. Within these industries, I am helping NZ entrepreneurs unlock the capability and funding needed for their journey to business success.

Before joining Callaghan Innovation, I worked in high-tech R&D for a multinational, was part of a tech start-up and worked in tech-transfer between academic research and industry. During my career I have always been curious to work out how things work in order to identify and pull the right levers that enable greater impact to occur. 

Sir Paul said: “One hundred entrepreneurs could turn this country around. It takes one genius entrepreneur, to make a company like that, and it takes time to grow it.” I am working to reduce the time it takes to grow $500m+ companies, and I believe connecting our customers with fit-for-purpose support networks will be an important enabler for that to succeed.

Areas of expertise
  • Innovation Management,
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Product Management
  • Manufacturing
  • R&D
  • PhD, Physics, Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany, 2006
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