The refreshed Ārohia Trailblazer Grant will reopen on March 6th. Full details will be published on February 28th.

The Ārohia Evidence Grant (previously known as the Ārohia Seed Grant) will reopen on April 3rd.

The Ārohia Trailblazer Grant supports the very best innovative businesses and at the “getting ready to go to market” stage of their innovation journey: they’ve done most of the tricky research and development for their game-changing creation, but they need that critical funding to finally bring their new product or service to market.

The grant actively seeks projects that are the best of the best at this stage and is specifically looking to support those businesses with four clear attributes, and the evidence to demonstrate them:

The product or service is not yet for sale, or available to customers (not yet in-market)

Great ideas that are well formed but haven’t yet been launched to the open market.

A product or service that’s truly new and unique (novel)

Innovations that are world-leading and ground-breaking. 

The product or service is something that customers want, and creates a viable business (commercial potential and market validation)

Ideas that are likely to be a genuine financial success, to the benefit of everyone involved.

They’re creating something that helps other clever Kiwis to create new and unique products or services (innovation ecosystem benefits)

Creating new innovation opportunities for other businesses; opportunities that otherwise would not have existed.

These four attributes help us to identify the businesses having the biggest positive impact on the Innovation Ecosystem, which in turn plays a vital role in driving economic growth and future prosperity in Aotearoa.

Like many other government grants, applicants will need to secure co-funding. For every dollar spent by a recipient, 30 cents come from Callaghan Innovation, and the other 70 cents come from their own funds, or via private investment.  Projects must have a minimum value of ~$333,000 ($100,000 grant) and maximum of ~$13.3m ($4m grant) .

Unlike lots of other grants, this grant is contestable. This means applicants are competing against other applicants, with those most strongly demonstrating the four attributes being chosen. A maximum of ten businesses per round will receive funding. 

The Ārohia Trailblazer Grant certainly isn’t for everyone, and the application process is rigorous, but it’s designed to provide this exclusive group a substantial helping hand. Most excitingly, it celebrates the Trailblazers that are creating new opportunities for their communities, their industries and their fellow innovators.

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Ārohia Evidence Grant

If a business has its sights set on the Trailblazer grant, but doesn’t quite yet have the evidence to demonstrate the four key attributes, the Ārohia Evidence Grant can provide funding so that a business can prepare an application for the full Ārohia Trailblazer Grant in future. 

The money can be used for a range of activities, including prototyping, customer research, professional advice, purchasing reports and pitch preparation.

Applicants can apply for up to $25,000. For every 50 cents granted by Callaghan Innovation, the business will need to match a 50 cents from their own funds, or via private investment.

(The Ārohia Evidence Grant was previously known as the Ārohia Seed Grant)

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