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We have the courage to give things a go.

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We lead by example, and trust others to do the same.

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We use and share our knowledge to create better outcomes for all.

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We support others to be successful in their roles and lives.

Supporting Māori innovators and their pakihi is one of our two main commitments. By embracing te ao Māori values and mātauranga Māori, we enrich our country’s innovation landscape, infusing it with diverse and unique perspectives. This approach cultivates a dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurial environment, sparking innovative solutions to complex challenges. It also ensures we are contributing to building a more prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand, today and for future generations. 

Māori economy team

Callaghan Innovation’s Māori Economy team is a small group of passionate professionals who understand Māori businesses and see innovation as a crucial pathway to success for Māori. The team is there to tautoko your business, by connecting you to research and development (R&D) services, co-funding, opportunities and networks, to help you innovate, commercialise and grow faster.

The Māori Economy team supports:

- All entities, iwi organisations, land trusts, incorporations, businesses, and small-to-medium businesses, that self-identify as Māori.
- Companies acquired by Māori as major shareholders.


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Kruger Wetere
Kruger Wetere Māori Business & Relationship Manager Leading Māori business engagement

I am honoured to be a Māori Business & Relationship Manager at Callaghan Innovation. My journey is a fusion of financial expertise, leadership, and a deep connection to Te Ao Māori, the Māori world.

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Kruger Wetere Māori Business & Relationship Manager
Damian Ngata v2
Damian Ngata Customer Navigator Māori Business Relationship Advisor

I work as a Navigator specialising in Māori business and the Māori economy. I am motivated by the many Māori individuals and businesses wanting to advance themselves in the field of innovation. Working in this space is an absolute privilege and I regularly find it humbling.

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Damian Ngata Customer Navigator
Henare Johnson
Henare Johnson Chief Māori and Government Engagement Officer He toa takitini

Ngāti Whare, Ngāti Manawa, Tuhoe, and Ngāti Porou. For the past twenty years I have been involved in and have led Māori development initiatives. Today I am Callaghan Innovations’ Chief Māori Economy and Engagement Officer.

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Henare Johnson Chief Māori and Government Engagement Officer

Māori business awards

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