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BioPacific Partners is a life sciences consultancy deeply embedded in the ANZ innovation ecosystem. We work with clients at all stages of their journey, from R&D to start-ups to multinationals. Our work includes fundraising, market analysis, intellectual property advice, governance, and commercialisation strategy. With our local team of scientists and commercialisation experts, we are dedicated to seeing local innovation succeed on the global stage.

We help companies to grow value over the long game, using tools and skills that are rare in Aotearoa NZ.

BioPacific brings its global network of big corporate relationships and experience back to Aotearoa NZ. We’re all locals and we’ve done local-to-global deals on countless occasions, in health, in food, and in AgriTech. We help our clients to increase their value by focussing on all the assets that create it.

BioPacific has worked for over 100 companies from global giants to local startups. Our special niche is with growth companies looking to increase in value, often with a ‘deal’ as a value-crystallisation point. These are the best of Aotearoa NZ innovators, finding their niche in the big wide world.

The LinkedIn profiles of our key people, such as Dr Ian Boddy, Dr Andrew Kelly, Mr Tim McCready, and Ms Margot Bethell, contain nearly 5,000 connections to allow you to pick a referee that you know. We are widely known and well-reputed.

Contacts Areas of experience
  • Intellectual Property advisory
  • Fundraising and IPOs
  • Scientific and financial due diligence
  • Governance and c-suite advisory
  • International partnering, relationship building, and dealmaking
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We price by quote for a known result and we stick to our quotes. Pricing is based on estimates of professional hours across four bands:

Director/partner - $310/hour
Senior consultant - $260/hour
Consultant - $225/hour
Analyst - $85/hour
We also offer proprietary tools for ongoing use for a fee of $1,500 (or as a percent of assets being managed).

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