There will come a day when family, friends and personal finances can no longer bankroll your cutting-edge ideas and innovations. 

Raising capital and getting "proper" investors can be daunting, confusing and exhausting. We developed Capital Education as a quick-start guide for anyone new to the world of raising funds. Think of it as Capital Raising 101.

Over the 90 minute online workshop you’ll receive a whistle-stop tour of the who, what, where, when and why of capital raising. Our expert facilitator will give you an overview of the whole process, starting from the admin and prep work, right through to delivering your first inspiring pitch.

If you can’t wait to join an online session, we’ve interviewed a squad of capital and investment experts and asked them to share some of their valuable knowledge. It’s been cut down into easily digestible videos, and showcased alongside a number of other helpful resources to get you started.

Capital Education is here to get you started on your capital raising journey, and toward long term financial success.

Introduction to Capital Education | Michael Murphy

[Michael Murphy]
Tena koutou katoa, kia ora, my name is Michael Murphy from Callaghan Innovation, we are
driven to explore the unknown and pursue excellence with the ultimate aim of ensuring
New Zealand's best and boldest entrepreneurs are enabled to create truly world-class businesses.
World-class businesses that will go on to employ future generations of Kiwis, world-class
businesses that will underpin the social and economic development of our country, and a
critical component of achieving those goals and ensuring that New Zealand’s entrepreneurs
fulfill their dreams is to ensure that they are appropriately funded. And with that in mind I'm
delighted to introduce our Capital Education program. The purpose of the Capital Education
programme is to provide a broad overview for founders of startup and early-stage
businesses looking to embark on a capital raising process.

We’ve brought together a range of industry experts to provide their insight and wisdom into
this critical topic. I hope you get as much out of these experts as I know many founders
have done by talking to and working with them over the years. I hope you're able
to apply their advice in practical ways to help you and your business.
And most importantly I hope their advice makes a difference in helping you raise the
capital to help your business succeed. Good luck.

By the numbers

600 +
Businesses attended since 2019

Benefits to your business

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The right investors

Understand the different types of investors and their motivations.

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The right funding

Understand the different types of funding out there and which might suit you best.

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Long term planning

Learn how to factor capital raising into your long-term plans and strategy.

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Prepare and pitch

Find out what it takes to successfully pitch your business.

Is this right for me?

Capital Education is open to organisations registered in New Zealand.

The 90-minute online session is delivered by Bruno Bordignon, Director and co-founder of Avid Legal, and a well respected advisor to many investors across Aotearoa New Zealand.

You’ll also get information on a host of capital-raising topics, including:

  • Pitching
  • Capital planning
  • Sources of capital
  • Finding the right investor
  • Valuing your business
  • Capital tables and term sheets.

You’ll get an overview of key factors you should consider when making capital-raising decisions, as well as hearing tips and stories from people who have been through the capital-raising process. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

The workshop is primarily aimed at innovative startups and early stage businesses that are looking to raise equity capital, such as venture capital or angel investment, for the first time.

The workshop only briefly touches on debt capital, such as loans and credit lines. If this is something you’re seeking advice on, we’d recommend you start with the Government’s Funding Explorer.


Capital Education Is funded by Callaghan Innovation: the New Zealand Government’s innovation agency.

Capital Education Hero Image September 2023

Watch and learn

We’ve compiled a library of useful resources and interviewed a bunch of leading experts in this space, so you can start learning straight away.


Frequently asked questions

Is Capital Education a fund I can apply for?

The workshop is purely educational. We do offer a range of other Research and Development Grants you may be eligible for.

Meet our experts

Victoria Rolph
Victoria Rolph Product Manager Expert in sources of capital

I work in the Product Management Team as the product lead for Capital Education. My core skill is knowing sources of capital that customers can approach for their business growth.

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