The value of your business is so much more than tools, premises and stock.

Every modern business has intangible assets - things you can’t hold or touch but provide enormous value. Think of these assets as your secret sauce - the things that make you unique and successful. They can equate to as much as 80% of the overall value of an organisation, and go far beyond the innovations that you patent or trademark.

These assets are the processes you’ve built and proprietary data you own. They’re staff expertise and experience you’ve carefully nurtured. They’re the brand reputation you’ve built and the many positive relationships you have with customers and your wider industry.

Beyond IP is designed to identify, protect and enhance all of the unique intangible assets that your business owns. Over 12 months you’ll work closely with seasoned experts from leading firms to build and implement a bespoke IP strategy, aligned with your business’ core strategy,  to maximise those assets.

Each expert firm has been chosen for their extensive knowledge in the field, and come from a range of backgrounds and sectors to suit a broad spectrum of businesses. They’ll arm you with  the tools and know-how to bring your big idea to market, and commercialise your intangible assets.

Whatever your intangible assets may be, and the competitive advantage they may give you, Beyond IP can help you defend and enhance them.

Ilya Vensky - Helico

[Ilya Vensky]

Helico Bio looks at plants as a production source. So, we're looking at a genetically modified plant cell to act as a factory on its own, which is quite a complex and novel way to look at it. One of the 'aha moments' for us during the Callaghan Innovation Beyond IP programme was we were in the middle of negotiating several potential contracts in multiple territories and filing our first patent protection in the United States. We had a very extensive customised workshops that allowed not only myself but the entire team to understand the risks, and essentially motivations, to go into expensive IP filing. So, we looked at it holistically and decided that a lot of our technology might actually stay in a trade secret, rather than into straightforward patents.

Every member of the team now has their own sort of benchmarks, what type of intangible asset strategy they should be worried about. We check it on a weekly basis and try to figure out if there are any risks of exposing it to outside resources. Right now, we're in the middle of negotiation with a commercial partner, and it's an early-stage validation of a potentially very valuable business opportunity. So, we're preparing all of our calls and all of the documentation, and essentially our contract, based on the learnings that we had from the programme. Every startup, especially in New Zealand needs to look at intangible assets as their opportunity for growth. We might look at an opportunity to go for business in multiple markets, and that complicates the IP filing, patents filing right away, so intangible asset strategy is the only one you can kind of rely on when you know when you look at the global opportunities out of New Zealand, so it's very, very important.

By the numbers

businesses through the programme since 2015
80 %
of business value can made up by Intangible Assets

Benefits to your business

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Protect your competitive advantage

Identify the unique intangible assets inside your business that give you an edge on your competition.

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Strengthen commercial position

Create a long term strategy that strengthens your commercial position.

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Choose your tactics

Implement the tactical changes required to maximise the value of your business.

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A trusted partnership

Choose from a list of trusted expert firms, and work together to find success.

Is this right for me?

Best suited to

Beyond IP is suited to businesses of all sizes, stages and sectors. We’ve found that the businesses that get the most out of the 12-month coaching are one or more of the following:

    • Working on launching a new product
    • In the process of entering a new market
    • Actively looking for an investor
    • Have had a direct competitor enter their market.

Eligibility criteria

Beyond IP is open to organisations registered in New Zealand.

You must have a product in the market, or be on the way to launching one, and you must be in position to complete a 12 month programme.


After an initial chat with our team, you’ll be invited to select a Beyond IP partner to work with. You may already have a firm in mind that you think is a good fit.

You’ll jointly agree on a bespoke plan for the coming 12-months, which works for your business and product.

All of our providers take a dual approach to your intangible assets:

Strategic - a deep dive into what intangible assets exist in your business and building an IP strategy to maximise their value.

Tactical - how to implement your new intangible asset strategy to support your business goals.

Many of the businesses that join the Beyond IP programme choose to work with their expert firm after the 12 months, having found a partner they can trust.

Still not sure what Intangible Assets are and if Beyond IP would help your business? Get in touch to find out more, or find out how other businesses have benefitted from Beyond IP in our Customer Success Stories.

Callaghan Innovation funds 40% of the programme cost, up to a maximum of $10,000. 

The final programme cost will vary depending on which provider your business chooses to work with.


Cather Simpson - Engender Technologies

Beyond IP - Cather Simpson | Engender Technologies

[Cather Simpson]
Engender Technologies is all about sorting sperm by sex. Essentially what we're giving farmers is a tool to accelerate the genetic gain in their herd, so it's sustainable for the farmers, the cows, and for the industry as a whole. In some ways as a startup it's kind of easy, what you want to do is you want to patent as much as you can, get it out there quickly, that adds value to your company but it's also your path to commercialisation because investors then want to invest in you, they see that you've protected your stuff.

When we got acquired by CRV our patent strategy, we were now a proper company not a startup anymore, and you need a more nuanced patent strategy. And so that's when we found out about Callaghan Innovation and their intangible asset programme. The Beyond IP programme connected us with a really awesome patent law firm in Auckland, and we worked closely with them just to begin our journey to develop this strategy. And at the same time their interaction with our team has begun to shift the culture within Engender, in what I think is the right direction. It's a very positive direction towards thinking about those intangible assets as a part of what we're creating. So, we sent our our key R&D leadership people to workshops so that they became more empowered, they began to see what types of innovations they might be able to protect or innovate around. We've also hired in-house legal, because it's very important to us that we craft our strategy and then make sure that we live our strategy. You often don't know what the most valuable parts of your idea are at the very beginning. And so, you know, submit those patents, think about what can be your trade secret, what can people not copy if you don't tell them about, and keep that one aside. But get advice. Call Callaghan Innovation, they have experts whose job it is to help you figure all of this out. And that would be my advice.

Frequently asked questions

I’m just looking to file for patents or trademarks - can Beyond IP help?

Beyond IP is not a service for filing patents. Generally the programme looks beyond filling for patents and trademarks, but our expert firms may suggest this as a worthwhile step in your bespoke strategy.

Meet our experts

Ayshen Koyu
Ayshen Koyu Product Manager Balancing the big picture and detail in IP

I manage Beyond IP, working with clients across the country to help them understand how this programme could benefit their business. My skills lie in relationship and operations management underpinned by Agile methodologies.

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Meet our providers

To help you select an IP partner, a selection of video profiles are available for you to view.

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