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We bring extensive knowledge and experience from leading industries and sectors to help you develop a culture of learning, innovative thinking and leadership as you introduce and apply Lean Thinking practices. Your strategy, challenges, and objectives drive the right Lean applications and solutions through a framework designed for your business and unique culture to deliver sustainable results. Our strong links with Toyota allow for advanced training and development both in Japan and New Zealand.

Simply Lean Business Solutions, established in 2001, is owned and directed by experienced Lean practitioner Peter Cox. Peter’s team of highly experienced individuals bring best practice knowledge and expertise from leading organisations such as Toyota, Rolls Royce, Electrolux, Dynamic Controls, Macpac and Canterbury University.

We have proven capability implementing Lean principles in more than 150 different organisations covering a wide range of technical specialisation within multiple sectors and industries. The team’s extensive experience teaching, developing, and implementing Lean Thinking solutions delivers significant and sustainable results for clients. 

Ultimately, the issues, challenges, and objectives that organisations face – regardless of the technical elements or business sector – drives the right Lean applications and solutions. 

This is where our substantial experience across industry comes to the fore. We understand the right approach to Lean Thinking, and apply this know-how to our local situations and cultures in NZ. We maintain strong links with Japanese industry and regularly host clients on Lean study tours of Toyota and other Japanese Lean companies. Bringing all this together helps clients achieve Operational Excellence, as we use an application of Lean thinking customised for them and designed solely with their success in mind.

Contacts Areas of experience

New Zealand Nationwide 

Sector experience
  • Primary industries: aquaculture, dairy, forestry, horticulture, viticulture
  • Manufacturing and Production: design, continuous and semi-continuous manufacturing including high and low volume, project and jobbing work
  • Construction and engineering: Process development, project management and monitoring, facility design projects
  • Supplychain: Inventory management, warehousing and distribution
  • Office: Administrative support and service.
Sector expertise

Technical Specialisation

  • Customised Lean programmes aligned with clients’ business strategies
  • Governance to provide leadership, learning and sustainable advancement of the Lean programme
  • Implementation planning, execution, and tracking to meet clients’ goals and objectives
  • Lean application training and development to advance skills and process development employing the right solutions unique to the organisation
  • Leadership development to grow the improvement capability of the organisation through its leaders and foster its unique culture of Continuous Improvement.
  • Regular visits over twelve months maintains clients’ development, provides feedback on progress, and targets further advancements. 

Lean Service Delivery Methodologies

  • Our tailored programmes are flexible and designed to meet each client’s operational and cultural needs. Our delivery framework enables people to learn and apply the tools appropriate to the organisation, as we work alongside them to embed knowledge and capability, and ultimately achieve success
  • A governance group leads the pathway and developments, ensuring they drive toward the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Engagement through leadership provides an understanding of the need to improve and the pathway to success, supporting the employee’s integral role and enabling them to learn and develop. 
  • Our ‘learn by doing’ approach provides practical training and coaching supplemented by appropriate ‘classroom training’.
  • Our Leadership Development programme overlays a focus on behaviours that leaders must learn in order to develop themselves, their people and processes.
  • Developing processes through analysis and teaching to identify where and how to improve, and implementing solutions that bring sustainable results.
  • Our regular visits maintain development, provide feedback, and targets further advancements in learning and application.Consultation beyond 12 months is sought by clients should they wish to advance further, with the frequency of visits diminishing as confidence grows, alongside a robust exit strategy to create a sustainable programme.
    Our Japan-based Toyota sensei conducts training sessions throughout NZ, and leads customised in-house training and process development projects for clients.

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Rates are $1,900 per consultant per day and $950 per consultant per half day

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