Don't miss the Digital Manufacturing Challenge, an in-person event facilitated by our LMAC manufacturing team of experts. 

Over three hours, this semi-competitive event will demonstrate the real-world impact of Industry 4.0 solutions by applying them to our digital factory. You'll experience beginner, intermediate, and advanced technology solutions designed to address specific pain points across the value chain.

Join us for an immersive experience at the forefront of Industry 4.0, where early adopters across the manufacturing sector are reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technology. From enhanced products and services to improved processes and newfound efficiencies, these pioneers are transforming their operations and delighting customers. While the journey hasn't always been smooth, the lessons learned have always been invaluable.

Now, these Industry 4.0 leaders are opening their doors to share their success stories and the challenges they've overcome. Our hosts will welcome you to their facilities, offering guided tours of their factory floors. You'll gain a comprehensive overview of their business and objectives, with a focus on the technologies and connected processes that have made the most significant impact.

Benefits to your business

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See it in action

Witness the latest, high tech Industry 4.0 systems and processes at work.

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Learn from your peers

Find out how other manufacturing businesses have benefitted from new connected tech.

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Find new inspiration

Head home feeling inspired, ready to introduce new ideas into your business.

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Build connections

Networking with other leaders from across the manufacturing sector.

Is this right for me?

Ideal for operators, functional leaders, and senior executives, this event is perfect for teams of 2-10 members from each organisation. It aims to educate and engage all staff, supporting the adoption of Industry 4.0 and effective change management. By connecting with other manufacturers facing similar challenges and seeing advanced hardware and software in action, you'll leave inspired and ready to take your next steps towards innovation.

In this gamified session, teams are tasked with using a budget to make the best technology investment decisions for our digital factory, before justifying their investment to gain points. This challenge requires critical analysis of budget; possible return on investment; strategy, and pain points for scenarios across operations from order receipt to fulfilment.

With opportunities to get hands-on and try many of the technologies, you will reflect on where different technologies would add value in your own manufacturing environment as a key takeaway. After the event you'll receive an email with a personalised reference pack for your business including customised feedback, key information and notes taken by attendees during the session.

3 hours of your time.

This session’s location, number of attendees from your organisation determine what the total cost will become.

The Digital Manufacturing Challenge can be partially funded by the Callaghan Innovation, to find out more simply register.

For internal or private event enquiries contact us at

  • Order receipt & entry
  • Inventory management
  • Production Scheduling
  • Picking product
  • Process data / Process Validation
  • Bottleneck identification & resolution
  • Downtime
  • Packing, palletising & logistic
  • Profitability, strategy & change management
  • Webshop & Horizontal Integration, RPA and real time customer feedback
  • Digital forms
  • Barcoding & RFID
  • Infinite & finite scheduling & demand forecasting
  • Digital pick lists,smart scales
  • SCADA, IIoT and Unified Name space (Data / system architectures)
  • Digital twins, simulations and virtual shopfloor mapping
  • Automation in packing & palletising
  • Dashboards, OEE & Predictive maintenance

Frequently asked questions

Where and when are the events held?

The challenge events will be held in every region of New Zealand, with multiple sessions in larger manufacturing hubs. Some will be held at local manufacturers’ sites which may include a factory tour, if you are interested in hosting an event please get in touch with

To see the schedule of upcoming events, head to our events page.

How is this event different to the existing Smart Factory Showcase & Mobile Showcase?

This event focuses on hands-on experience with the technologies and clarifies costs and possible return on investment for businesses. Our digital factory is based on a 'continuous batch' food manufacturer; however, we ensure the technologies and scenarios apply to all manufacturing environments.

How much does this event cost?

This session’s location, number of attendees from your organisation determine what the total cost will become.

The Digital Manufacturing Challenge can be partially funded by Callaghan Innovation, to find out more simply register.

For internal or private event enquiries contact us at

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