GlycoSyn is a world leader in carbohydrate, polymer, and complex chemistry.

With facilities based at Callaghan Innovation’s Gracefield Campus, GlycoSyn can help you as a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), or a contract research organisation (CRO), to turn complex chemistry into commercial success on any scale.

We offer a comprehensive set of services in the drug development cycle, synthesising complicated bioactive molecules and developing reliable and robust manufacturing processes. This is backed by a track record in guiding clients through drug discovery and towards successful regulatory submission. 

Our team of experts can help de-risk your drug’s chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CM&C) development programme. Our specialist expertise and regulatory understanding mean your products are safe in our hands, and your intellectual property is safe in our care.

What we do

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As carbohydrate and polymer experts, we thrive on tricky chemistry and engineering challenges. From route selection to chemistry optimisation, and from chemical to chemo-enzymatic methods, we deliver complex molecules to the highest standards.

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We can ensure the safe, rapid, cost-effective scale-up of your multi-step chemical processes. Our dedicated development scientists are adept at chemical process optimisation and can guarantee solutions that are fit for purpose and set for success.

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Our Analytical Services division provides novel assay development, impurity identification, in-process control, and final product release testing. We also offer full method validation to meet ICH requirements for active pharmaceutical ingredients in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

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GMP Manufacturing

Our bespoke cGMP manufacturing facility is where we apply our skills in complex chemistry, scale-up manufacture, and complete rigorous quality assurance. We are licensed to operate under PIC/S PE 009-14 (Part II) (ICH Q7 equivalent) guidelines to deliver predominantly clinical trial active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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