New Zealand's healthtech sector is experiencing impressive growth, contributing significantly to the country's economy,  and having generated an estimated $2.9 billion in revenue in the 2021-2022 financial year.  

Despite its success, the sector still faces a number of regulatory hurdles and limited access to funding, whilst taking on time-consuming and expensive product development.

Callaghan Innovation’s HealthTech Whare has been established to help unlock the sector's full potential. The Whare’s flagship initiative, the HealthTech Activator  (HTA), offers support to healthtech companies across market validation, capital education, reimbursement strategy, regulatory planning, and clinical trials.

The goal is to accelerate the growth of New Zealand's multi-billion-dollar healthtech sector, creating jobs and fostering technological advancements that focus on critical healthtech issues. This aligns with the New Zealand Health Research Strategy's vision of becoming a world leader in health research and innovation by 2027.

Whare HealthTech

What is HealthTech?

Health technology - most often known as healthtech - is defined by the World Health Organization as the "application of organised knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures, and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives."  This includes pharmaceuticals, devices, procedures, and organisational systems used in the healthcare industry.

The New Zealand Vision for Health Technology states that technology is revolutionising health systems. Automated systems are carrying out repetitive and predictable processes, advanced analytics are providing new insights into complex health problems, and research breakthroughs in human science are making ‘personalised medicine’ a reality for more people.

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The HealthTech Activator

Bring your health technology innovation to life, positively impacting the well-being of patients globally, through specialist tools, expertise, and events.

The HealthTech Activator has helped connect or support more than 200 emerging HealthTech businesses in bio-pharma, medical devices , diagnostics, and digital health with 1:1 advisory support, capability building modules, workshops, webinars,  and other relevant digital content via a web platform.



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Andrew Clews2 v2
Andrew Clews Head of HealthTech Whare De-risking the commercialization journey for early-stage deep tech companies

As the Head of Health Technology at Callaghan Innovation, I lead a dynamic sector team dedicated to supporting NZ-based HealthTech businesses in commercialising their R&D.

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