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Web3 sector celebrates its leading lights

It’s been a big year for Easy Crypto, which last month launched its stablecoin, the NZDD, as well as a digital wallet for its customers.

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Office of the Auditor General Inquiry

Callaghan Innovation acknowledges the report of the Auditor General into how we evaluated providers for the Founder and Startup Support Programme in 2022 and we thank the Office of the Auditor General for their efforts in carrying out the inquiry.

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New to RD Grant hero image September 2023
The refreshed, more accessible New to R&D Grant is now open

Our team have made three key changes to the grant: Simplified co funding: 40% across both R&D projects and Capability Development - meaning more funding could be available to invest in that exciting first R&D project.

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New website brings together latest thinking on AI governance

AI Governance will be launched at an AI Forum responsible AI event hosted by Creative HQ, Wellington’s innovation hub.

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Andrea Bubendorfer chief scientist
Creativity key to successful innovation says newly appointed Chief Scientist

Andrea Bubendorfer joins Callaghan Innovation’s executive leadership team on a two-year secondment from her current position leading the Applied Technologies team.

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Callaghan innovation launches counselling service for startup founders
Callaghan Innovation launches counselling service for startup founders

Callaghan Innovation has today launched a counselling service to support founders whose mental health is suffering due to the significant pressures associated with establishing and growing a startup.

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Jones & Sandford Joinery: Less stressed employees, less stressed clients, all through Lean

At a glance As one of the biggest joinery companies in New Zealand, Jones & Sanford could no longer afford all the costly and time consuming errors occurring within the business.

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BioBrew: Pivoting their probiotics from animals to humans

At a glance Previously focussed on animal probiotics, a meeting with Callaghan Innovation at Fieldays® opened the way for BioBrew to move into human health supplements.

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Road Science: A journey towards safer road sealing

At a glance Currently many chip sealed roads are laid using potentially explosive hot bitumen and kerosene, but roading experts Road Science wanted to develop a better way.

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pyrotek customer story
Pyrotek: Connecting for ceramics success

At a glance Pyrotek, with the only factory of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, is a manufacturer of mid-to high-end ceramic consumables for the aluminium foundry and smelting industries.

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Cropped Shiny prop
Oceanmax: Making waves in marine tech with solid research

At a glance Oceanmax knew their marine foul-release coating product not only kept vessels clean but also improved performance on the water.

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artgame products
Artgame: Artful quality control thanks to algorithms and automation

At a glance Art licensing company Artgame creates and prints premium lenticular images on items such as bookmarks and postcards, but they needed a quality control solution as it couldn’t be done manually.

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