Daisy Lab and ice cream icon taste test dairy identical dessert
Daisy Lab and ice-cream icon taste test dairy-identical dessert

Daisy Lab is developing cutting-edge technology that builds on Aotearoa New Zealand’s 100-year heritage in dairy innovation, while reducing the environmental impact of dairy.

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biobrew img3
BioBrew: Pivoting their probiotics from animals to humans

At a glance Previously focussed on animal probiotics, a meeting with Callaghan Innovation at Fieldays® opened the way for BioBrew to move into human health supplements.

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enviroplus seal img3
Road Science: A journey towards safer road sealing

At a glance Currently many chip sealed roads are laid using potentially explosive hot bitumen and kerosene, but roading experts Road Science wanted to develop a better way.

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pyrotek customer story
Pyrotek: Connecting for ceramics success

At a glance Pyrotek, with the only factory of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, is a manufacturer of mid-to high-end ceramic consumables for the aluminium foundry and smelting industries.

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Cropped Shiny prop
Oceanmax: Making waves in marine tech with solid research

At a glance Oceanmax knew their marine foul-release coating product not only kept vessels clean but also improved performance on the water.

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artgame products
Artgame: Artful quality control thanks to algorithms and automation

At a glance Art licensing company Artgame creates and prints premium lenticular images on items such as bookmarks and postcards, but they needed a quality control solution as it couldn’t be done manually.

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Owen Catchpole (2)
Distinguished honour for Callaghan Innovation scientist

Owen Catchpole was this week made a Fellow of the Royal Society Te Apārangi, an honour that recognises distinction in research, scholarship and knowledge advancement.

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IMG 0390
Leaft Foods: Leading the way with leaf protein

At a glance In the face of different global trends, Leaft Foods looked to develop a high-value, sustainable leaf protein concentrate which has a lighter environmental footprint than alternative products.

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bluelab pulse meter 2 img3
Bluelab: The art of growing R&D efforts and growing revenue

At a glance Despite early challenges brought about by the pandemic, Bluelab saw a huge uplift in orders, with their pre-COVID digital transformation enabling them to take advantage in the surge of direct to consumer activity.

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helico 2 img3
Helico: Letting food be the medicine, literally

At a glance Helico is aiming to produce therapeutic compounds from plants and, ultimately, ‘edible medicine’, with the technology potentially increasing accessibility and affordability of essential medicines.

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Biotelliga: Helping feed the world without harmful chemicals

At a glance Biotelliga is developing biologically based technologies - that work consistently - to help growers protect their crops from pests and disease, reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals.

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Zero Jet at Bucklands Beach 20200922 (164 of 225)
ZeroJet: Riding the wave thanks to jet propulsion

At a glance After seeing how much pollution was caused by marine engines, entrepreneurs Bex Rempel and Neil Mans set out to develop electric jet propulsion systems for small boats.

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