Callaghan innovation extension of industry 4.0 demonstration network
Callaghan Innovation announces extension of Industry 4.0 demonstration network

The LMAC Group has built a new mobile showcase experience focused on digital technologies designed to help New Zealand companies harness the opportunity to become more productive and profitable.

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Blockchain news article hero image
Web3 sector celebrates its leading lights

It’s been a big year for Easy Crypto, which last month launched its stablecoin, the NZDD, as well as a digital wallet for its customers.

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BioBrew: Pivoting their probiotics from animals to humans

At a glance Previously focussed on animal probiotics, a meeting with Callaghan Innovation at Fieldays® opened the way for BioBrew to move into human health supplements.

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foodpilot partnership makes the most of every frop of milk Synlait
Synlait: Pioneering R&D efforts in the milk industry

At a glance Engaging with the New Zealand Food Innovation Network, Synlait has gained access to a range of expertise and skilled technicians and has also allowed them to invest heavily in innovation projects, including a Tetra Pak-built UHT pilot plant.

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Sustainable Food Nourish you nurture our planet
Sustainable Foods: Producing planet-pleasing ‘chicken’ from hemp protein

At a glance A lot of meat alternatives produced in New Zealand were using imported proteins.

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Sanfrod Extracting the might of mussels
Sanford: Extracting the might of mussels for new products

At a glance Looking to create new market opportunities, New Zealand seafood giant Sanford wanted to create new products derived from seafood, such as nutraceuticals.

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Pure Heart Aotearoa hero image
Pure Heart Aotearoa: Helping New Zealand take on the hemp industry

At a glance Looking to capitalise on a multi-billion dollar industry, Pure Heart Aotearoa has produced a ready-to-drink hemp milk to sit alongside their other products, such as hemp oil.

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from the whenua to food Nuka
Nuka: Drawing from the whenua to create instant hāngī flavouring

At a glance Foodtech startup Nuka is producing a liquid smoke from kānuka plants, using it to flavour food with an instant hāngī taste.

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Rua Bioscience: Sowing the seeds to success in the medicinal cannabis industry

At a glance Before gaining one of the first commercial licences in New Zealand to grow and supply cannabis-derived medicines, Rua Bioscience spent years investing in R&D projects and developing their facilities.

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[CROP] Frogger
Saflex Pumps: Adapting chemical dispensing tech to take on COVID-19

At a glance Saflex Pumps had already developed chemical dispensing equipment for the dairy industry.

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Leaft Foods: Leading the way with leaf protein

At a glance In the face of different global trends, Leaft Foods looked to develop a high-value, sustainable leaf protein concentrate which has a lighter environmental footprint than alternative products.

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helico 2 img3
Helico: Letting food be the medicine, literally

At a glance Helico is aiming to produce therapeutic compounds from plants and, ultimately, ‘edible medicine’, with the technology potentially increasing accessibility and affordability of essential medicines.

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