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Oceanmax: Making waves in marine tech with solid research

At a glance Oceanmax knew their marine foul-release coating product not only kept vessels clean but also improved performance on the water.

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Conservation tech
High-flying conservation tech

Callaghan Innovation is proud to once again sponsor the NZ Hi-Tech Kamupene Māori o te Tau – Māori Company of the Year award.

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Still leading the wave

Callaghan Innovation is proud to once again sponsor the NZ Hi-Tech Kamupene Māori o te Tau – Māori Company of the Year award.

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Zincovery: The ripple effect

At a glance Waste-to-value business Zincovery aims to recycle the steel galvanising industry’s spent acid and zinc for reuse.

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Kāinga Ora and Callaghan Innovation partner
Partnership: Kāinga Ora and Callaghan Innovation

Innovative New Zealand construction businesses are set to benefit from a new partnership between Kāinga Ora and Callaghan Innovation.

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CleanTech funds and investment opportunities

Punakaiki Climate Venture Capital Fund: Punakaiki’s parent company, LWCM, is fundraising to launch a $50m Climate Venture Capital Fund.

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Ecosystem activity

The Agri-Food-Tech 2035 Oceania Summit The2035 Oceania Summit has been designed to enable the region’s scientific & research community, its industry leaders, agribusiness & agritech companies, farmers & growers, regulators and procedure makers to meet and discuss how agrifood tech innovation and on-farm application can help address the existential threat posed by climate change.

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Seequent: Seeing success after seeing below the surface

At a glance 3D geological modelling software business Seequent makes the ‘unseen’ of the subterranean world ‘seen’, aggregating geoscience data to give users a fuller picture of what lies beneath the earth’s surface.

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Biotelliga: Helping feed the world without harmful chemicals

At a glance Biotelliga is developing biologically based technologies - that work consistently - to help growers protect their crops from pests and disease, reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals.

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Zero Jet at Bucklands Beach 20200922 (164 of 225)
ZeroJet: Riding the wave thanks to jet propulsion

At a glance After seeing how much pollution was caused by marine engines, entrepreneurs Bex Rempel and Neil Mans set out to develop electric jet propulsion systems for small boats.

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Wilderlab: Putting the microscope on the entire freshwater ecosystem

At a glance Wellington-based Wilderlab is making environmental DNA (eDNA) testing more accessible, helping monitor and understand our freshwater ecosystems a lot more.

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Seeing the wood for the trees

But while the complexity of accessing such incentives means carbon markets have so far been dominated by exotic forests and large forestry players, a Nelson AI startup wants to encourage native reforestation – and help the little guys get in on the action, too.

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