Callaghan Innovation Final Selects 11
Three Kiwi cleantech startups named in Asia-Pacific top 25

Geo40, Aspiring Materials and Zincovery are part of the most recent Cleantech APAC25, a list of the 25 startups most likely to make significant market impact over the next five years.

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CarbonScape product image
CarbonScape: Creating a more climate-friendly battery technology

Who are CarbonScape?

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blockchain energy - Photo by Shubham Dhage
Blockchain as an energy sector game changer

Blockchain as an energy sector game-changer Transcript [Stu Innes] It's been a pretty interesting afternoon.

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power lines
Scientists stay current to make power measurements accurate

In the past week scientists at the Measurements Standards Laboratory (MSL), part of Callaghan’s Lower Hutt campus, have been trying out new equipment supplied by Australia’s National Measurement Institute (NMIA) that can improve the accuracy of electrical power meter calibration across the country.

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210322 Seequent People 202 (1) (1)
Seequent: Seeing success after seeing below the surface

At a glance 3D geological modelling software business Seequent makes the ‘unseen’ of the subterranean world ‘seen’, aggregating geoscience data to give users a fuller picture of what lies beneath the earth’s surface.

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EMROD: The power of good helping to make waves in the power industry

At a glance Wireless power startup EMROD is developing technology to transmit high-power electricity safely over long distances without the use of power lines.

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MWD 113 (1)
Good energy

Callaghan Innovation is proud to sponsor once again the NZ Hi-Tech Kamupene Māori o te Tau – Māori Company of the Year award.

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stu innes img3
emhTrade: Sparking a new approach to energy

At a glance Initially seeing an opportunity to help behind the scenes in the technical aspects of trading electricity, emhTrade soon discovered what was needed was something that made those transactions more user-friendly.

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embrium goodmeasure labshot img3
Embrium: Powering up electric vehicles and electricity networks alike

At a glance The rise of electric vehicles could cause chaos on the network, but Embrium is developing technologies allowing electricity lines companies to monitor and control electric vehicle charging in real time.

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