Neocrete product ehaus pour Nelson
Neocrete: Carbon neutral concrete

Who are Neocrete?

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Road Science: A journey towards safer road sealing

At a glance Currently many chip sealed roads are laid using potentially explosive hot bitumen and kerosene, but roading experts Road Science wanted to develop a better way.

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Construction Sector Accord and Callaghan Innovation team up

The new partnership seeks to address systemic challenges and build resilience across the construction sector.

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Kāinga Ora and Callaghan Innovation partner
Partnership: Kāinga Ora and Callaghan Innovation

Innovative New Zealand construction businesses are set to benefit from a new partnership between Kāinga Ora and Callaghan Innovation.

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Seequent: Seeing success after seeing below the surface

At a glance 3D geological modelling software business Seequent makes the ‘unseen’ of the subterranean world ‘seen’, aggregating geoscience data to give users a fuller picture of what lies beneath the earth’s surface.

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Neocrete: Redefining concrete and cementing an eco-friendly future for construction

At a glance In the face of huge emissions created by concrete production, Neocrete set out to create a cement mix using pozzolans, a pumice-like volcanic material, that would reduce carbon emissions and improve concrete performance.

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On truck at Glenbrook 5
New Zealand Steel: Steely determination to tackle lost inventory

At a glance Fix issues with misplaced inventory and inventory tracking one product, and New Zealand Steel are set to save $220,000 a year.

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QOROX: Pressing print on concrete

At a glance Waikato-based startup QOROX is the first in the Southern Hemisphere to undertake commercial 3D concrete printing, offering increased affordability, durability and speed over traditional construction methods, as well as environmental benefits.

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Beca: An internal accelerator sparking employee innovation

At a glance with a need to tackle business and customer challenges in a better way, Beca developed the New Ventures Accelerator.

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Wood Engineering Technology: A second-rate log turned into first-rate building materials

At a glance Wood Engineering Technology (WET) set out to realise more value from ‘second-rate’ pine, overall wanting to create sustainable construction materials that are alternatives to concrete to steel.

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