Callaghan innovation extension of industry 4.0 demonstration network
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Callaghan Innovation announces extension of Industry 4.0 demonstration network

This article was published on Feb 15, 2024, 9:20 AM

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Callaghan Innovation has today announced the expansion of the Industry 4.0 nationwide showcase, with the addition of the LMAC Group as partner.

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    The LMAC Group has built a new mobile showcase experience focused on digital technologies designed to help New Zealand companies harness the opportunity to become more productive and profitable. 

    Industry 4.0 is now in its third year, with over 4,500 people and 200+ events held so far to showcase to New Zealand businesses the power and potential of Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution.  

    Sean Doherty, Callaghan Innovation Product Manager – Industry 4.0 says, “We are excited to bring a new mobile showcase experience on stream to further demystify what is Industry 4.0, and show New Zealand manufactures that it’s not just about the tech, but how the tech enables greater productivity and New Zealand’s businesses to be more productive, internationally competitive, and relevant in the future economic environment.

    Our aim with the Industry 4.0 project is to help New Zealand manufacturers to transform, and increase their resilience and competitiveness through the adoption of new technologies.  

    “Just as businesses 150-years ago had to adapt to electricity enabling mass production, today’s enterprises face the challenge of embracing smart technologies (such as robotics and artificial intelligence) and data to drive intelligent action in the physical world,” he says. 

    Building on the success of the first mobile showcase led by partners BECA and the Employers and Manufacturers Association, this second mobile showcase will focus on how manufacturers can utilise the very best digital tools across a range of manufacturing scenarios, and how to practically incorporate them into their businesses.

    LMAC Group Advanced Manufacturing Manager Frank Phillips says, “We’re thrilled to apply our deep knowledge of Industry 4.0 and SME manufacturing in New Zealand to what will be a unique experience. Alongside our technology partners NZ Controls and Wyreframe we are creating an interactive, gamified session for manufacturers to attend in person around the country. 

    “Targeting appropriate technology adoption by SMEs, we’ll be demonstrating beginner, intermediate and advanced solutions for challenges throughout manufacturing value chains, whilst enabling attendees to capture personalised information to take back to their operations to enable them to take their next step.”

    Find out more about Industry 4.0 technologies, providers and case studies via Callaghan Innovation’s  Industry 4.0 Hub.

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