Kitea Health Product
Kitea Health: Implantable tech battling chronic conditions

Who are Kitea Health?

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Gastric Alimetry Arohia Innovation Trailblazer
Alimetry: Blazing a Trail in Gastric Care

Who are Alimetry?

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Wellumio team
Wellumio: stroke diagnosis, anywhere, anytime

Who are Wellumio?

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biobrew img3
BioBrew: Pivoting their probiotics from animals to humans

At a glance Previously focussed on animal probiotics, a meeting with Callaghan Innovation at Fieldays® opened the way for BioBrew to move into human health supplements.

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[CROP] Frogger
Saflex Pumps: Adapting chemical dispensing tech to take on COVID-19

At a glance Saflex Pumps had already developed chemical dispensing equipment for the dairy industry.

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lab worker using a pipette - amaroq
Closer than ever

At a glance Biotech startup Amaroq Therapeutics is developing therapies to fight some of the most hard-to-treat and prevalent cancers.

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helico 2 img3
Helico: Letting food be the medicine, literally

At a glance Helico is aiming to produce therapeutic compounds from plants and, ultimately, ‘edible medicine’, with the technology potentially increasing accessibility and affordability of essential medicines.

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helius therapeutics img3
Helius Therapeutics: Making a mark in medicinal cannabis R&D

At a glance After being granted New Zealand’s first GMP licence, Helius Therapeutics got the green light to manufacture medical cannabis products in a bid to bring the first locally-made products to market.

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healthtech activator img3
HealthTech Activator to supercharge NZ’s $2.85b healthtech sector

Callaghan Innovation has launched a HealthTech Activator (HTA) to support commercialisation in New Zealand’s healthtech sector, which generated an estimated $2.85 billion revenue last financial year, with many healthtech companies achieving record growth since COVID-19 struck.

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ii ko0x7n5f0
Manuka Bioscience: Developing mānuka oil into a natural antibiotic

At a glance With a growing resistance to antibiotics for infections, Manuka Bioscience has been exploring using oil from East Cape mānuka trees to develop treatments for skin infections.

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HeartLab: Getting a jump start to help fight heart disease

At a glance Healthtech startup HeartLab is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help in the fight against heart disease, helping doctors with the time-consuming and manual process of reviewing echocardiograms. HeartLab has tapped into New Zealand’s healthtech ecosystem, including accessing Callaghan Innovation support, to help it with everything from company incubation, to funding, to market validation.

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seelevel dudley shipside
See-LEVEL: Using virtual reality to solve real life sickness

At a glance Christchurch-based See-LEVEL has developed a virtual reality solution to alleviate seasickness.

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