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Alimetry: Blazing a Trail in Gastric Care

This article was published on Dec 13, 2023, 9:03 AM

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Millions of adults and children globally suffer from chronic gastric symptoms that profoundly affect their quality of life. Diagnosis often takes a number of years, prolonging patient suffering and resulting in wasted resources and inefficiencies in the healthcare system. With the help of the Ārohia Trailblazer Innovation Grant, Alimetry Care, the organisation’s latest device and service, is set to become the world’s first accurate monitoring wearable for home use, providing remote care for people suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms.

What's in this article

    Who are Alimetry?

    Alimetry is an Auckland based medtech company that develops advanced wearable medical solutions that improve gastrointestinal care. Founded in 2019, and based on a decade of groundbreaking science and engineering out of the University of Auckland, Alimetry is striving to develop solutions that are more effective and easier on patients, and more efficient for healthcare providers.

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    Benefits to the innovation ecosystem

    Alimetry is poised to significantly influence the trajectory of New Zealand’s medtech landscape.  A key focus of the business is on compiling and disseminating the ‘Healthtech TrailblazerToolkit’, a comprehensive distillation of the organisation’s experience, which will become a central resource for the sector. A crucial component of the toolkit is dedicated to Mātauranga Māori, developed under the expert oversight of Wharengaro Ruha, Alimetry’s Kaupapa Māori kaiārahi. The goal is to seamlessly integrate this Toolkit into the Aotearoa Medtech Innovation Quarter (Medtech iQ) framework and for the toolkit to become an essential resource for a diverse array of stakeholders.

    Alimetry Care will also add capabilities to the NZ ecosystem. Currently, these types of complex consumables must be manufactured in the US, however, Alimetry aims to establish a new wearable device supply chain within Aotearoa, enabling the country to participate in this emerging and growing industry.

    What the panel had to say about Alimetry:

    Alimetry presented a world-leading innovation with a significant level of complexity. It demonstrated how they could become a significant trailblazer for the Healthtech industry, specifically through their influence and support of supply chain connections.

    The application delivered clear and compelling explanations to a high standard, while their pitch presentation was impressive, each team member demonstrating authenticity and transparency throughout.

    The clarity and purpose of their three year plan made it clear to the panel that Alimetry are capable of taking their life-changing innovation to the world stage.

    How Alimetry will be investing their grant

    Alimetry will use funding to develop Alimetry Care so that it is ready for production in local and international markets.Their activities will range from securing their intellectual property portfolio and compliance needs, through to refinement of Alimetry Care and production so that their product is ready for introduction to the market. They will also have a large focus on market research and testing, in particular navigating specific international markets in order to optimise a framework around reimbursement including insurance, accessibility, payment and complexities of state and regional differences within said markets.

    Alimetry exists to transform care for patients with chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, while delivering economic benefits back to the New Zealand ecosystem. We are incredibly exited to receive the Ārohia Trailblazer Grant which will be critical in enabling us to expand our products from the hospital into the home.

    Greg O'Grady, Alimetry Co-founder and CEO

    Alimetry Executive team


    Founded: 2019

    Sector/industry: HealthTech

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