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Argon & Co is a global management consultancy that specialises in operations strategy and transformation.

With expertise spanning the full end-to-end supply chain we work with clients to transform their business and generate real change.

Argon & Co NZ, through its merged businesses, has operated for 20 years in New Zealand with offices in Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch. Our people are engaging to work with and trusted by our clients to get the job done.

Intent was formed in 2003 to help NZ businesses use their people, processes, and technology to achieve success by outperforming their competitors. Merging with Argon & Co in 2022 we lead the field in delivering, building, and sustaining improved operational performance, including the adoption of digital technologies to enable this. We’re focused on delivering outstanding results.

We achieve this by doing great work and making a difference for every client we work with. Between us we have hundreds of years of experience. Our regionally spread team is passionate about working together to deliver results that are achievable, unique and sustainable. Technology is now leading process improvement, however, the key to success is the human factor: the people that use processes and technology, how they experience their work and activity, and how they can best contribute to the business.

We partner with several organisations to deliver integrated solutions, including OFS, Quanton, Anaplan and Coupa. We apply Digital Lean with consideration for the significant benefits available from modern integrated IT systems, and have a suite of best-practice IT, Digital, and Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment tools to prepare for a digital transformation.

Lean Service Delivery Methodologies 

We have a highly structured 12-month plan that we use as a starting point with clients, which we then customise and develop to suit their individual needs. We use different resources to deliver different elements and get the greatest efficiencies. We deploy project management regularly, and have change management built in up front, along with the loss and waste diagnostic. Best practices are chosen and deployed based on the business need, and outcomes of the loss and waste. Project management includes benefit tracking and reporting.

To help organisations achieve their goals, we run workshops to initiate their Lean journey. These are motivating, engaging, dynamic and offer real-life examples. Planned outcomes are identified and monitored by conducting an initial loss and waste exercise from which baselines are set. Daily management systems produce reports for easy measuring and benefits tracking, allowing for open discussions to take place. This mechanism allows teams to be accountable for measuring their own data and impact on the bottom line. 

Through training and coaching we embed processes and practices so the organisation can apply continuous improvement.

Contacts Areas of experience
  • Improvement methodologies, including TPM, TQC, TOC, BPR, SPC and Six Sigma
  • Implementing methodologies in conjunction with Industry
  • 4.0 initiatives including: Process optimisation, integrated robotics, CAD modelling, real-time data capture and integration, MES, and simulations and modelling
  • Assisting organisations to migrate from Lean 1.0 to a more technology enabled environment
  • Implementation of Lean or continuous improvement techniques
  • Lean manufacturing and Lean service
  • Logistics and supply-chain optimisation
  • Quality management improvements and process development
  • Innovation and/or new product development
  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Lean construction
  • Agile delivery and training
  • Programme and project management.
Sector experience
  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Construction
  • Food and beverage
  • Pulp and paper
  • Transportation, warehousing and logistics
  • Primary industries (including dairy, meat and forestry) 
  • Services
  • Horticulture and viticulture.
Sector expertise

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Rates range from $1,500–$3,000 per day, depending on expertise and experience required. Contact us directly for a specific quote.

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