Learn from one of Aotearoa’s leading high-tech manufacturers

Over the last 30 years Auckland-based Nautech Electronics has grown to become one of Aotearoa’s leading high-tech manufacturers. Their state-of-the-art Smart Factory uses the latest connected technologies, integrated into all aspects of their processes, to deliver an exceptional product for their loyal customers.

They’ve kindly given us a virtual peek behind the scenes, to see how Industry 4.0 has transformed and reinvigorated their business.

This three-hour workshop offers a deep dive into Nautech’s inner workings and features videos, interviews, technical diagrams, digital twins, 360° photos, and interactive dashboards.

The team will share how Industry 4.0 technologies have improved efficiency, solved common manufacturing issues and connected their processes.

You’ll get a close look at Nautech’s enhanced, cutting-edge facility optimisation, product flow improvements, internet-connected machinery, integrated information management and much more.

Much like a real-life, in-person tour you’ll get to meet some of the people working with  this technology to hear how it's positively impacted their working life. You’ll also have plenty of chances to ask any questions you might have.

Unlike an in-person tour, there’s no need for safety glasses or overalls, or struggling to hear your guide over loud machinery. 

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Benefits to your business

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Learn from real-world examples

See Industry 4.0 practices and technology working in the real world: no abstract concepts.

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Engage with immersive and interactive content

A broad range of educational and engaging information, that gets you up close and personal with Nautech.

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Expand your knowledge

Build on your existing Industry 4.0 know-how and return to your workplace with new ideas for change.

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Free to attend

Costs nothing for you and up to four of your colleagues.

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What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 - also referred to as the fourth Industrial Revolution - is a broad term for the new technologies and data - such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence -  that are revolutionising the worlds of manufacturing and distribution. Callaghan Innovation’s experts are here to help you cut through the technology hype, reinvent your business model and find genuine value and growth.  

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What’s covered?

After a brief introduction to Industry 4.0 and Nautech Electronics by your host from The Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA), you’ll follow a product on its journey through the facility, from  initial Research and Development, right through to After Sales service.

Working across large screens in the space and tablets on each table, you’ll delve into each topic through a wealth of immersive content, including videos, interviews, technical diagrams, digital twins, 360° photos and interactive dashboards.

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Stage 1. Research and development

Looking at strategic direction and how external triggers for Nautech have influenced their business direction, product and investment.

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Stage 2. Production planning and scheduling

Exploring how planning and scheduling drive productivity, and how connectivity of data sets allows enterprise intelligence to deliver effective planning and scheduling. 

Explore how connectivity of data sets allows enterprise intelligence to deliver effective planning and scheduling that drives productivity.


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Stage 3. Procurement and stores

Delve into Nautech’s procurement and inwards goods processes to learn how horizontal integration with suppliers vastly reduces the time taken to react to demand changes and provides essential insights for better planning.

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Stage 4. Set-up and production run

Following the manufacturing process through to production, focusing on how Industry 4.0 technologies can provide a step change in productivity through data and visibility, as well as quality verification.

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Stage 5. Assembly and test

Key Industry 4.0 themes here are tracking people-driven processes, and monitoring and improving productivity. You’ll track the product on the automated assembly line and through rigorous testing. Nautech prioritises quality, boasting a 100% yield and a mere 0.1% reject failure rate. You’ll also get a chance to see how cobots add value to the assembly process.  

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Stage 6. After-sales service

Lastly, you’ll look beyond the factory to explore smart products and learn how Industry 4.0 can change business models to create new, long-term revenue streams.

Is this right for me?

The showcase is for anyone wanting to gain a first-hand and in-depth understanding of the latest technologies available for their business. It is relevant across all sectors, particularly manufacturing, and will be of great value to CEOs, digital technology and operations managers, design engineers and continuous improvement managers.


We can offer up to five spaces per company at any showcase event in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Showcase is funded by Callaghan Innovation: the New Zealand Government’s innovation agency. Find out more about us.

Frequently asked questions

We’d benefit from an actual visit to a smart factory - can you help?

Yes. Check out Network Site Visits.

Can you bring the Smart Factory Showcase to me?

If you can host a session and are willing to invite people from other businesses across your region, yes! Get in touch and a member of the team can explore further with you.

Meet our experts

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Sean Doherty Product Manager Practical deployment of technology changes

Sean describes himself as a man “in the trenches” of advanced manufacturing. Spanning both research and production, he brings skills in engineering, continuous improvement and operations to the Manufacturing 4. 0 team.

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