If you’re looking to develop, deploy or use an AI system in the EU, you need to be aware of the AI Act’s requirements and understand how they might apply to you.

Prepare for the EU AI Act

In a pivotal moment for global Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation, the European Union (EU) has unveiled the EU AI Act, a comprehensive legislative framework destined to shape the AI governance landscape by addressing risks linked to the development, commercialisation and use of AI technologies.

The latest version of the AI Act is available online through The AI Act Explorer

Recognising the potential challenges and opportunities this presents for New Zealand innovators, we have developed targeted resources to help you prepare for the Act’s implementation and drive trust in your use of AI.  

These fact sheets summarise the key aspects of the EU AI Act and are not legal advice. You should seek expert advice on whether and how the AI Act might apply to your specific situation.

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Callaghan Innovation would like to thank Frith Tweedie from Simply Privacy for writing these EU AI Act resources.

Frith is a Principal at Simply Privacy, a boutique consultancy that provides privacy and AI governance solutions to business, government and the NGO sector. Frith has over 20 years’ experience advising clients on privacy, technology and IP law issues. She has designed and implemented Responsible AI frameworks for a range of New Zealand organisations, developed the AI Impact Assessment Toolkit for government agencies and delivers the IAPP’s AI Governance Professional certification training programme. Frith serves on the global advisory board of the IAPP’s AI Governance Centre, the Executive Council of the AI Forum NZ, the Government’s Data Ethics Advisory Group and the AU-NZ Advisory Board of the IAPP. Before joining Simply Privacy, Frith led the Australian and New Zealand Digital Law teams at EY and was General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at a local tech company.

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