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Our business improvement consultancy specialises in process improvement for service operational companies. We offer comprehensive workshops and tailored programs to optimise efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance overall performance. Our expert trainers guide teams through the lean six sigma methodology, equipping them with the necessary tools to identify opportunities, streamline processes, and achieve sustainable results. Boost your service operations' productivity and profitability with our proven process improvement methods.

Chris Reed and his daughter Hannah Reed run the training consultancy Lean6Sigma, which was formed in 2009 to help companies build their in-house process improvement capability.

Chris has been a continuous improvement manager, operations director and managing director. He is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and Change Practitioner and an accomplished trainer and coach with eight continuous improvement deployments completed. Hannah is a certified Green Belt, science graduate, experienced facilitator and lead trainer for in-company and public White, Yellow and Green Belt courses using Lean Six Sigma and change methodologies, roadmaps and toolkits.

Lean Six Sigma specialise in working with a range of service operational clients, creating a lean plan and delivering process improvement through a series of workshops and initiatives with client teams in a range of sectors as shown on our website https://www.lean6sigma.co.nz/

Lean Service Operations Delivery Methodologies 

A typical lean assignment would include the following steps:

  • Define: At a high level, we listen to your requirements and assist you in creating a Lean plan aligned with your business needs. At an assignment level, we define the problem and objectives and map the current process.
  • Measure: We work with you to capture and measure the current state of the processes you need improving. We provide training in Lean fundamentals so you can work with us.
  • Analysis: We review and recommend potential improvements and assist with pilot trials and assessments. We aim to build internal capability in both Lean technical and change tools through workshops and online learning.
  • Improve: We help you track projects through implementation to completion and update the Lean metrics.
  • Control: We sustain the assignment gains, and the client is encouraged to appoint a Lean coordinator and become more self-sufficient.
  • Lean culture: The engagement behaviours needed to support a Lean culture are identified and reinforced, including self-managing process improvement.
Contacts Areas of experience
  • Developing practical Lean plans that take the client on the improvement journey – executing focused improvement plans to add value
  • Building in-house process improvement and problem-solving capability using Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and Change Management techniques
  • Collaborative training involving the host company and other agencies/suppliers/customers in the value stream
  • ‘Learning by doing’ project-based training, using project case studies and classroom simulation training exercises
  • Project acceleration techniques using Kaizen workshops


Working with us on

Lean Coaching


Daily on-site rates are $1600 + GST per day.  Lean Practitioner in-house training ranges from $300 - $450 + GST per candidate per day . No additional fees applied for the Auckland region; reasonable travel and accommodation expenses charged for other regions. 

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