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We are New Zealand’s Trusted Improvement Partners.

Started in 2005, we are a group of passionate and experienced consultants working across all manufacturing sectors and primary industries. We operate nationwide and have specialist skill sets in operational excellence & lean manufacturing; best practice asset management; Industry 4.0 & digital transformation; operational strategy development & deployment and cultural & change management. Our team has honed their skills in the world’s most prestigious organisations ensuring we have the right experience to a vast array of industry challenges.

Why do LMAC exist?

We exist to bring prosperity to New Zealand communities. This means raising productivity and competitiveness with our clients, keeping manufacturing onshore; upskilling teams and future proofing organisations.

What do LMAC do and what’s our approach? 

1. Operational Excellence & Lean Manufacturing. We know best practice manufacturing

Our work in this area often centres on key drivers for clients, improving productivity, quality, costs and asset reliability whilst developing a culture of continuous improvement and standardisation.

Our operational excellence programmes start on-site, meeting with key stakeholders to understand your specific challenges and strategy. This is followed by a current state assessment (CSA), typically a 2-3 day evaluation of current operations. With a specific scope this exercise determines the tailored support package and tools with investment opportunities, timelines and investment required.

After this engagement we partner with our client to develop and deploy a bespoke strategic improvement programme that will engage your people with the success of the business. This includes regular steering & governance sessions to review the programme, KPIs and upcoming focus areas.

2. Smart Factory & Transformation with Industry 4.0

LMAC are experts in building and deploying Digital transformation with our clients. We do this impartially of solution providers using the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI).

LMAC are Australasia’s first SIRI assessors and have completed more assessments than any other provider. As programme partners for the Callaghan Innovation Industry 4 Demonstration Network since 2023, LMAC have a strong track record and validated process for supporting manufacturers in building & delivering their digital transformation roadmaps. Delivered in an engaging way to ensure buy-in adoption post assessment, we pride ourselves on pragmatism, building a plan that features technology, process improvement & people engagement in equal parts.

Our process is valued by partners around the world including Callaghan Innovation in New Zealand, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult in the UK & TUV SUD in Singapore. Our approach is unique and proven with outcomes above and beyond the ‘off the shelf’ offering of our competitors.

The outcomes are:

  • A pragmatic and strategy aligned digital transformation roadmap
    A common language, knowledge and significant buy-in from your leadership team to this roadmap
    Benchmark comparisons to the industry and New Zealand organisations.
    Clear next steps, case studies and introductions to peer organisations on similar journeys and to specific technology solution providers where applicable.
    Identified digital skills gaps aligned to specific training for your team.
Contacts Sector experience
  • General manufacturing
  • Primary industry 
  • Food and beverage 
  • FMCG 
  • Transport and logistics 
Sector expertise Pricing

Rates range from $2,300–$3,000, depending on the seniority of the consultant and the nature of the activity.

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