The World Wide Web is one of the most important, impactful technological developments in history. It is hard to imagine a world without it.

However, along with huge benefits, it has created some issues and challenges. Today a handful of private companies control the lion’s share of the internet, as well as massive amounts of user data. Decentralised Web3 and its blockchain-driven technologies are challenging how the internet works.

Web3NZ is a peer-to-peer learning platform - part information library, part social network - that’s been created to drive forward Web3 technologies to build a more open and democratic internet for all. It’s designed for New Zealand founders, creators and businesses innovating in the Web3 space.

Members can use the Web3NZ Community to connect, discuss and work with others no matter where they are.

The platform also offers an extensive collection of knowledge and resources that have been gathered from a diverse range of experts and community members. Several in-person events will be hosted throughout the year, bringing Web3 pioneers out from behind their screens.

Web3NZ: built for Web3 ventures, creators and the curious. For the community, by the community.

[Stefan Korn]

Web3 in general is probably one of the most exciting technologies that I see at the moment, particularly for Aotearoa New Zealand because it is entirely weightless it is a global and we've got such awesome talent already in the country. There are some really active groups and some fantastic companies that are already leading the space globally, and so there is nothing holding us back from a rapid and massive growth in that space. And I think that's exactly what we need for New Zealand and our namesake Sir Paul Callahan has always been talking about, you know, the 100 companies that will turn this country around.
Well, I see the Web3 space and as an area where many of those hundred companies can come from over the next 10 to 15 years.

So, anyone is really welcome on our platform. If you're, you know, if you're sitting there thinking "ah that sounds interesting but I don't know anything about web3", doesn't matter, come on in any way you know just join the platform even if you're just reading stuff and and looking at what others are saying, that's still great. And there's a lot of really interest thing topics that are being discussed all the time, we're going to have sort of lunch and learn sessions or learning modules, the one-on-one on crypto, one-on-one on DAOs and things like that. So, you can probably learn quite a bit on that platform in a really easy format, and then who knows you might get inspired you might you know have a stroke of Genius when you see that someone is posting something on it and suddenly that comes along an idea for a business or a project or anything you want to do and then that's great, that's exactly what the platform is about.

So don't hold back come and join us on the platform. We'd love to see you on our Web3 platform.

You know one of our core mandates, as New Zealand's Innovation agency, is to lean into frontier stuff, cutting edge stuff from a perspective of really making sense of it how it can be used by some of our companies, and to de-risk the very very early adoption of technology, and then to be able to hand over that knowledge to private sector so they don't have to all spend time on figuring things out we can do that and then sort of work with them. And that's exactly what's happening right now.

I mean Web3 and Crypto and Distributed Ledger technology has been around for, you know, arguably about 10 years, but it really hasn't hit mainstream yet so it's still very much Frontier and that's why we as Callaghan feel like this is a great spot for us to learn as much as we can very quickly and then hand it over to the private sector.

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An open-source platform, for the community, by the community.

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Web3NZ has been designed for ventures, founders and other organisations within New Zealand’s Web3 ecosystem.

It’s also useful for businesses and curious individuals who might be exploring their own Web3 solutions and projects, such as implementing a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), digital asset usage or new types of funding and voting mechanisms, including conviction voting.

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