On a mission to refeed and restore

The Insides Company is on a mission to establish a new standard of care for patients who have experienced an intestinal catastrophe. Working at the forefront of gut health and life-changing medical technology, the company’s vision is a world that refeeds, and its mission is to enable this by providing universal access to chyme reinfusion therapy.

The company specialises in designing and manufacturing regulated medical devices, with its flagship device, The Insides System, prescribed to patients with an intestinal discontinuity, which has resulted from abdominal trauma or intestinal diseases like bowel cancer or Crohn’s. “These patients are often critically ill and struggle with malnutrition, which impedes their ability to heal,” explains CEO Garth Sutherland. “Our device is able to provide them with nutrition to keep them alive.”

Beyond providing nutrition, The Insides Company’s innovative device plays a vital role in restoring the functionality of the patient’s entire digestive system. By refeeding chyme, the pulpy acidic fluid originating in the stomach, back into the distal intestine, the device enables patients to restore liver function and micro-nutrient levels, prevent and reverse intestinal damage (atrophy), and maintain the integrity of their intestines. Patients are also able to return home earlier from hospital as part of their recovery, significantly improving their quality of life and reducing the burden on the health system.

“A key advantage of our devices is their versatility and scalability. They can be used in all environments – from state-of-the-art hospitals to resource-limited communities,” says Sutherland. This scalability has positioned the company to address previously the unmet clinical needs of people worldwide who currently lack access to clinical nutrition. The company’s vision of a world that refeeds is fuelled by its belief that access to clinical nutrition is a fundamental human right.

The company has already made significant strides in expanding its reach, with distributors in 10 countries and plans to increase this to 25 countries within the next year. The Insides System has gained recognition globally, with leading intestinal failure centres of excellence adopting it as a standard of care. The device also won gold in the Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Devices category at the International Medical Design Excellence Awards in 2021.

Closer to home, the technology is now being used and reimbursed by 90 percent of the country’s public health system, resulting in substantial healthcare cost savings.


Callaghan Innovation has been instrumental in our product development efforts by connecting us with experts and professionals in the field.

Garth Sutherland CEO

For Sutherland, the support from Callaghan Innovation has played a crucial role in the company’s journey by providing invaluable assistance and resources.

Through the HealthTech Activator programme, The Insides Company has accessed a wealth of education and guidance. “Callaghan Innovation has been instrumental in our product development efforts by connecting us with experts and professionals in the field,” says Sutherland. “The icing on the cake has been their financial support through different grants, which has allowed us to further accelerate our progress.”

For aspiring healthtech startups, Sutherland offers valuable advice. Firstly, he stresses the importance of starting to engage with healthcare professionals and end-users right from the early stages of product development. “Their insights and guidance will ensure alignment with the healthcare system and help maximise your chances of success.”

Secondly, he emphasises the need to focus on problems that truly matter, addressing unmet clinical needs that are both significant and costly. By doing so, health technologies can deliver tangible benefits to patients while alleviating the strain on healthcare resources.

Lastly, he encourages startups to actively engage with the ecosystem, seeking advice, participating in educational programmes like those offered by Callaghan Innovation, and embracing collaboration to enhance their impact.

With a vision for a healthier future, The Insides Company is actively reshaping the global healthcare landscape and redefining the standard of care for patients with intestinal failure.

At a glance

  • Founded in 2017
  • CEO is Garth Sutherland
  • Designs and manufactures a range of versatile and scalable medical devices that play a vital role in restoring the functionality of a patient’s intestinal system
  • Distributed in 10 countries, with plans to increase to 25 countries within the next year
  • The Insides System won gold in the Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Device category at the International Medical Design Excellence Awards in 2021
  • Visit website

Callaghan Innovation impact

  • The Insides Company was part of the HealthTech Activator programme offering support and advice to turn health innovations into successful businesses
  • Grants support to enable acceleration, business mentoring and Innovation IP support
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