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Productivity People improves customer outcomes and business performance using our trademarked Productivity Improvement program which is based on proven Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. This enables you to improve your processes and we provide hands-on support for your people to embrace a culture of Continuous Improvement.

Productivity People are experts in improving operational processes with the goal to eliminate waste and improve quality and efficiency. This results in unlocking untapped capacity and significant performance improvements such as enhanced quality and reduced operational cost.

Productivity People are also about building a culture, one that respects all employees and enables them to pursue opportunities to improve their work and share ideas for Continuous Improvement. We facilitate the creation of an environment where Continuous Improvement is the norm.

We use our own method based on proven Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies, the Productivity Programme. This includes an initial best practice assessment and custom 90-day & 12-month plans. To improve operational practices, participants have 24-hour access to our learning portal which has step-by-step ‘how-to’ guides, industry-specific New Zealand examples, ready to use templates, and inbuild self-tests. Our consultants support, mentor, and coach your people on their improvement journey.

Our programme will lead to improved efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the time spent on non-value-adding activities and optimizing the flow of work. Such waste can include overproduction, waiting time, unnecessary transportation, excess inventory, unnecessary processing, and defects. The results are better outcomes for the customers, as well as the people of the enterprise, its shareholders, the wider community, and the natural environment.

Productivity People is fully New Zealand owned and made up of Lean/Continuous Improvement and operations professionals who have worked in Lean environments for many decades. We can relate to the challenges faced by our clients as we have practical experience of managing significant operations, functions, and processes in industry.  

Our consultants have started and sustained Lean transformations in NZ businesses large & small. We understand that there is not a simple one-size fits all approach and we tailor our implementation to the reality of each client’s situation and capability. As consultants, our team has supported successful productivity programmes in more than 200 companies in NZ and internationally. Most of our clients operate in manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, horticulture, or construction, but we also have clients in professional services, biomedical, and electronics. 

Productivity People are people-centric: we engage with your teams to ensure your organisation owns the transformation to continue to improve well beyond our engagement. We put your people at the heart of your business-improvement systems.

Contacts Areas of experience

Nationwide: Four locations in the North Island and two in the South Island. In addition, we combine our visits with remote sessions to efficiently deliver our programme to our clients.

Sector experience
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain
  • Primary industries
  • Engineering
  • Construction 
  • Electronics 
  • FMCG 
  • Customer service and other administrative processes supporting main operational activities.
Sector expertise

Technical Specialisation

  • Leading transformational company-wide cultural change. Strategy cascade and change management ensure the organisation is connected and aligned 
  • Empowerment and training of managers, team leaders and shop-floor teams 
  • Foundation practices such as daily management systems, 5S, teamwork, visual management, (leader) standard work and on-the-event and RCA problem solving 
  • Specialist DMAIC/Six Sigma problem solving, specialist asset management practices/TPM, theory of constraints, and specialist Lean practices such as load levelling, one-piece flow, supply chain integration, set-up time reduction. 

Lean Service Delivery Methodologies

For the Callaghan Innovation Lean Programme, our Productivity Programme consists of the following components: 

  • Lean introduction
  • Productivity assessment 
  • 90-day and rest-of-year implementation plan 
  • Lean practices implementation and coaching of leaders and teams.

Working with us on


The Productivity Program costs $1,000 per month. Our consulting rates range from $1,950–$2,750 per day.

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