Everyone in manufacturing is talking about Industry 4.0.

You've probably heard terms like cobots, digital twins, Internet of Things, AI, AR, and VR. But what do they mean? How do they work? How do they integrate with each other? Most importantly, how can you use them in your business?

We’ve partnered with Beca, EMA and LMAC to bring these game-changing technologies to you and answer all of these questions. Here’s your opportunity to touch, see and use the technology upclose.

During the quick-fire session you’ll meet Coco the robot. Coco’s part of our mobile table-top chocolate sorting production-line, and shows you some of the key Industry 4.0 principles in action.

Joining Coco is an expert Beca Digital Consultant who’ll help you place your chocolate order and talk you through the individual bits of technology that deliver the sweet treat to you. Together you’ll explore the data being gathered and utilised behind the scenes, and jump into virtual and augmented reality to carry out remote maintenance of the line.

You’ll get the chance to ask all of your Industry 4.0 questions, and discuss potential real-world applications of the technology.

Find your nearest session, or request the Mobile Showcase makes an appearance at your next manufacturing event. Best of all, it’s free.

By the numbers

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sessions delivered in 12 months
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2,750 +
chocolates sorted by Coco

Benefits to your business

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Foundational knowledge

Wrap your head around the Industry 4.0 basics and technologies available.

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Future efficiencies and savings

Understand which areas of your business might benefit from integrating the technologies.

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Local, bite-sized learning

A quick-fire 90 minute session, hosted near you.

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Free to attend

Zero cost, and you might even leave with a choccy treat.

What’s covered?

The 90 minute session is led by a Beca Digital Consultant and is centred around the chocolate-sorting, mini-production line equipped with a number of advanced Industry 4.0 technologies.

They’ll lead a conversation about the applications of these technologies, share some successful implementation stories, give you hands-on time with the gear, and outline what support is available to help you apply the tech to your business.

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The technologies showcased are:
  • Collaborative robots
  • Digital twins
  • Manufacturing apps and interfaces
  • Logistics and location tracking
  • Computer vision
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and predictive maintenance
  • Business environment modelling and simulation
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By the end of the session you’ll have a grasp on how Industry 4.0 technologies and principles can:
  • Reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Enhance flexibility and ability to react to your market
  • Drive better decision making
  • Prevent issues before they arrive
  • Boost the quality and efficiency of maintenance work
  • Make employees jobs safer and more interesting
  • Improve sustainability
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What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 - also referred to as the fourth Industrial Revolution - is the broad terminology to describe the new technologies and data - such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence -  that are revolutionising the worlds of manufacturing and distribution. Callaghan Innovation’s experts are here to help you cut through the technology hype, to reinvent your business model and find genuine value and growth.  

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Is this right for me?

The Showcase is for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of these technologies and experience them first-hand.

What’s covered is relevant across all sectors; particularly manufacturers like industrial facilities and food processing, but also supporting sectors like supply and distribution.


Industry 4.0 Mobile Showcase is funded by Callaghan Innovation: the New Zealand Government’s innovation agency.

Frequently asked questions

I already know a little about Industry 4.0 - is this the right event for me?

The Mobile Showcase is a bite size starter for those who are new to Industry 4.0. If you already know a little about the technologies you might gain more from the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Showcase

I can’t see a workshop coming to my area - can you help?

If you have a space to host a session, get in touch and we can see what we can do. Or, sign up for our Accelerate newsletter to receive updates on upcoming workshops.

Meet our experts

Sean2 Aronui
Sean Doherty Product Manager Practical deployment of technology changes

Sean describes himself as a man “in the trenches” of advanced manufacturing. Spanning both research and production, he brings skills in engineering, continuous improvement and operations to the Manufacturing 4. 0 team.

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Meet our partners

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Beca Ltd

Beca is one of Asia Pacific's largest independent, multidisciplinary advisory, design and engineering consultancies.

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