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Improvement Direct focuses on your success: We apply the highest level of Lean coaching skill, 21 years experience, to help you maximise resources by directing your improvement energy in the right places.

Your Lean implementation needs to be agile to fit your business and your plans. Tailored and applied to the challenges at hand as well as implementing tested and lasting Lean methods 

Together, we use up to date collaboration tools and methods… so improvement action is shared, understood, managed, and tracked to ensure results.

Improvement Direct continues to develop and refine Lean training and consulting plans to support customers, drawing on 21 years of experience in the NZ Lean Business market.

We apply the following methods as core strategies for Lean implementation:

  • Developing Lean management systems to suit clients’ organisational requirements 
  • Using Agile/Scrum collaboration models in learning transfer, and improvement implementation projects
  • Focusing on team engagement as a platform for lasting change 
  • Lean implementation plans incorporating real JIT / supply-chain knowledge and experience.

We have developed a whole-of-business approach to our Lean consulting plans with modules tailored for all Teams within all types of business  or organisation.

We provide a practical application of Lean tools, shoulder-to-shoulder with department managers and key staff. This means all training is delivered in modular sessions to minimise the time invested by key staff and then each training topic is applied as a project to maximise engagement, learning transfer and results.

Our Worxsmarttm Improvement Program covers all Lean principles including:

Principles of Lean: Understand the purpose and application of Lean principles and tools.

Value Stream Mapping & Process Mapping: Identifying the Value Stream to reduce waste in process and increase customer value.

Lean Communication, Collaboration and Project Excellence: Refined Meeting structures, Agile Group-work, Visual project tracking for efficiency and continuous improvement.

Lean Measurement & Visual Management: Setting up Lean performance data structures and visual reporting.

The 5S principle: Standardising the work environment (physical and virtual) for greater efficiency.

Problem solving: Practical root cause analysis tools and facilitation techniques used by key staff.

The Nine Forms of Waste Elimination: Training and tools to identify and remove Non- Value work.

We also offer training and consulting on:

  • JiT Methods
  • ​Developing Organisational Purpose & Strategy
  • Cost down/Cost out initiatives.
  • Setting up a Staff Improvement System
  • On Job Training systems and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Quality Process Management
  • Data Dashboard and KPI's
  • Value Analysis and Process Work-flow Study
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Quick Change: process downtime reduction
  • Total Productive Maintenance systems
Contacts Areas of experience

General Manager Peter Maunder will be your consultant, trainer and coach. His most relevant training and experience comes from 15 years with Toyota, where he worked in production, quality assurance, and education and training learning to apply his comprehensive understanding of the Toyota Production System (TPS).... still acknowledged as the chassis of Lean Thinking and an example of people engagement.

Peter facilitated TPS training modules for Toyota including introducing TPS/Lean to supply-chain vendor companies and pilots for the Toyota Dealer network. Peter also facilitated Lean/TPS seminars for engineering and business studies classes at Auckland, Waikato and Massey universities.

He spent four-and-a-half years with Fisher & Paykel as Training Manager, overseeing the development of in-house organisational learning methods and facilitating Lean training programmes. He has also undertaken business studies training at Massey University.

Since then, Peter has consulted in Lean implementation to more than 50 companies as Managing Director of Improvement Direct Ltd. 

Sector expertise
  • Manufacturing and supply chain, including FMCG 
  • Service, IT, sales and administration teams 
  • Primary industries
  • Retail and customer-facing teams


Working with us on

Lean implementation plans are designed to match clients’ needs, available resources, and budgets. Projects are generally based on a 12–18-month plans to spread/reduce client costs and maximise the benefits and outcomes from Callaghan Innovation funding.

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