We offer in-house expertise in developing new food products, creating plant-based alternatives and converting food industry by-products into valuable products.

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Owen Catchpole edit
Owen Catchpole Team Leader, Chief Engineer Leader in Industrial Supercritical Extraction

I am the Team Leader and Chief Engineer in the Food Processing and Biotechnologies research group. Here my chemical engineering background gets applied to the development of extraction, separation and fractionation processes for the production of nutraceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals.

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Owen Catchpole Team Leader, Chief Engineer
Campbell Ellison
Campbell Ellison Food Technologist The pie man reinventing food waste

My food technology career has taken me from supermarket product development for chicken sauces, pies and pastries through to commercialising innovations in reducing food waste. At Callaghan Innovation I worked on byproduct utilisation and plant-based beverage development for a startup who creates bread from beer by-products.

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Campbell Ellison Food Technologist
Jolin Morel
Jolin Morel Research Scientist Food Technology, not cooking but chemical engineering

I am a research scientist working in the Food Technology group where we develop processes for innovative companies. My specialism is in high value processes such as Supercritical CO2 extraction. Before joining Callaghan Innovation my doctorate was in the freezing process for ovine milk.

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Jolin Morel Research Scientist
CTA TeMuka

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