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Pacific Channel joins Callaghan Innovation's Deep Tech Incubator programme

This article was published on Jun 11, 2024, 9:30 AM

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Callaghan Innovation today announced it has appointed specialist Deep Tech venture capital firm Pacific Channel as its newest Deep Tech Incubator Programme partner.

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    Pacific Channel is a Deep Tech venture capital firm that invests in Deep Tech startups across Asia-Pacific seeking to develop solutions to global challenges in food, health and the environment. 

    Marny Reakes, Pacific Channel Venture Partner says:

    We are delighted to join the Callaghan Innovation Deep Tech Incubator programme, and the opportunity to support more ambitious New Zealand Deep Tech ventures to thrive on the global stage.

    “We recognise the vast potential of Deep Tech innovation in this country. For two decades Pacific Channel has worked with researchers, founders and entrepreneurs seeking to leverage groundbreaking innovations striving to address complex, global challenges. We are excited that this partnership will enable us to back Deep Tech ventures at their earliest stage,” says Ms Reakes.

    Comprising academics, industry experts, serial exited entrepreneurs, investment professionals, venture partners, advisors, and strategic consultants, the Pacific Channel team offers Deep Tech companies commercialisation support, international and local connections, and access to the investment capital they need to achieve value inflection points. 

    She adds: “Our name truly represents our offering - a channel that provides startups access to an extensive network of industry contacts, strategic partners, and potential customers. 

    “Strong relationships in local and global scientific and business communities create opportunities and mean we can support startups to establish a strong market presence. 

    “We are looking forward to being part of the Callaghan Innovation whānau so we can help many more New Zealand Deep Tech startups to succeed,” says Ms Reakes. 

    Callaghan Innovation Product Manager Celeste Peh oversees the Deep Tech Incubator Programme. She says the organisation is committed to supporting Deep Tech innovation.

    Kiwi scientists and engineers face many hurdles in successfully commercialising Deep Tech innovations. There are very few private organisations willing to patiently commit funds and provide expert support for ideas that will take many years to come to fruition. 

    “The programme was conceived to ensure that many more of this country's world changing Deep Tech ideas can progress from the lab and go on to succeed in global markets. 

    “Pacific Channel is an excellent addition to our suite of four partners, and we’re looking forward to working with them to support more Kiwi Deep Tech startup success,” she says.

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