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At Many Caps Consulting we have a very clear purpose, we enable people to be fulfilled & productive in what they do. We do that by demystify lean and guiding your teams to deliver a high performing organisation that is engaged, productive and delivering on your customer requirements, all while increasing your bottom line.

Is your company finding that delivering products or your service is harder than it should be? Perhaps the level of late deliveries or the amount of resource is going up rather than coming down and delivery lead times are excessive compared to your competition? Maybe you are producing extra stock just to try and get round the losses from poor quality or excess stock sitting on your shelves?

For many organisations, the 1st sign of real trouble is when the profit line erodes or disappears, by which point it may be too late to really do what you need to do. For others it is the loss of that critical customer that you have continuously failed to deliver for or that the quality you are delivering is no longer acceptable.

If you feel yourself nodding along to the above descriptions, then now is the time to start introducing some lean thinking into your company and that is where Many Caps Consulting can help.

We help your team understand what the principals behind taking a lean approach really are.  Understanding what flow is, what a bottleneck is, how to effectively map your processes and how the timings linked to your process drive good and bad decisions that will help to transform your business.

Importantly we do this in a really interactive way that can help your team understand why they are important and how focusing here will help to make you more productive.

We use a simple, plain English way of explaining things and focus on helping you adopt a lean mindset rather than teaching you a lot of tools that really wont help you unless you understand how they fit and when you need to apply them.

I started Many Caps Consulting in 2015 after 20+ years working in the manufacturing industry around the world as a production engineer, engineering manager and operations manager. With experience from the Contract Electronics industry which, as well as being very fast paced and detail focused, it’s an industry that lives, breaths and sleeps LEAN manufacturing and productivity, if you want to stay there you need to do the same through to Cables and in Pipe manufacturing. 

Running both production and engineering teams I have helped turn the organisations around, improved output, increased engagement and productivity using a range of continuous improvement tools that are easy to apply and get sustainable results with.

Our focus is developing people and giving them the tools to succeed, and I bring that passion to my work with clients of Many Caps Consulting.

Contacts Areas of experience
  • Business strategy, culture development and execution alignment
  • Full range of Lean training and support 
  • Problem solving (5 Whys, Fishbone, 5W1H, basic statistical methodologies) 
  • Creating and working in a visual management environment 
  • Leadership development to support a Lean organisation approach
  • Total productive maintenance programmes 
  • Daily work routines 
  • ISO management systems, and the PDCA application and Lean linkages.
Sector experience
  • Manufacturing, production and engineering workshops, including facility design
  • Medical device manufacturing 
  • Service-based organisations, such as IT/project management offices 
  • Office and administration
  • Specialist vehicle manufacturing
Sector expertise

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Rates are $1,700 per day and $875 per half day

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