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Lean Hub is a trusted operational efficiency improvement partner in New Zealand. With decades of collective experience in continuous improvement, we are dedicated to unlocking enduring success for Kiwi businesses and their people.

Our values of humility, practicality, and dependability guide our work, placing people at the heart of everything we do. Leveraging our expertise in Lean methodologies, we offer tailored solutions to help businesses identify and optimise their key leverage points for sustained growth. Benefit from our 20-plus years of experience and embark on a journey towards enhanced performance.

Our vision is to be the leading and most dynamic operational efficiency improvement mentors in NZ. Our mission is to unlock and unleash the enduring success of Kiwi businesses and their people. We work tirelessly to see your business succeed – your success is our success.

With decades of collective experience in the continuous improvement space, Lean Hub has become a trusted business partner to many organisations both nationally and internationally.

More than anything else, we value people and the relationships we build. People very much sit at the heart of our organisation and guide all that we do. Our values are:

Be humble: We believe in keeping our feet on the ground and our head out of the clouds. Success is shared, and we’d rather see you in the spotlight than we would ourselves.

Be practical: We believe in rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty, and walking the talk. Actions speak louder than words and visible results always trump words on a page.

Be dependable: We always do what we say and stand by our word. We hold ourselves and each other accountable and can always be relied on to deliver.

Lean Service Delivery Methodologies 

We believe a business must always stay focused on the value they bring to their customers. When this perspective is ignored, staff soon forget why the business even exists, creating uncertainty and a general lack of engagement. Each team member needs to understand how they fit in the process of delivering value to customers so they can tie their daily tasks directly to high-impact results.

To that end, our team will work with you to deploy a customised suite of precise and proven Lean methodologies and tools to seek out the key leverage points for your business.

You’ll benefit from our team’s 20-plus years of experience in successfully executing Lean projects all over the world.

Our proven process: 

  • Initial project scoping 
  • Company benchmarking (pre-project) Lean Hub 

Development of: 

  • Project charter
  • Company vision (leadership team)
  • Company values (all staff)
  • Formation/refreshment of roles and responsibilities and leadership deliverables 
  • Competitive systems and practices national qualification offered to all staff 
  • Establishing metrics (KPIs/ dashboard) 
  • Introduction of 5S (techniques to become better organised) 
  • Problem solving and root cause analysis 
  • Use of various Lean tools as required (SMED, OEE, PDCAs) 
  • Company benchmarking (post-project) 
  • Next steps after year-one implementation
Contacts Areas of experience
  • Lean project implementation
  • System and process improvements 
  • Sustainable growth planning 
  • Waste-reduction planning 
  • Digital enablement and technology coaching 
  • Industry 4.0 guidance and implementation 
  • Visual management using technology to display real-time production results 
  • Culture improvement and increased staff engagement
  • Quality management 
  • Governance and strategic planning 
  • Leadership coaching
Sector experience
  • Food manufacturing and processing
  • General manufacturing
  • Forestry/Logging
  • Fisheries and seafood processing and exporting facilities 
  • Engineering 
  • Farming (livestock and cropping)
  • Service/Retail
Sector expertise

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Rates range from $1,600–$2,800 per day, depending on project requirements.

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