TXM Lean Solutions

We are world experts at helping growing manufacturing businesses make more with less. Over the past 20 years we have helped almost 1000 companies in 30 countries increase output, reduce cost, improve customer outcomes and free up owners and senior managers from day to day firefighting. Since 2018 we have helped dozens of companies all across New Zealand to achieve similar results.

TXM are world leaders in successful Lean implementation for growing manufacturing and distribution businesses. Founded in Melbourne 2004 by Kiwi engineer and manufacturing manager Tim McLean, we have now grown to have offices in seven countries and projects in 30 countries. Over the course of 18 years we have developed expertise that enable us to understand the particular challenges that growing manufacturing and distribution businesses face. We have been able to develop effective solutions that combine Lean manufacturing principles with business common sense to drive improved customer service, reduce waste and inventory, while lowering costs and maximising your profit. TXM Lean consultants pride themselves on being manufacturing professionals first and Lean manufacturing consultants second. Every member of our team has extensive practical manufacturing experience in leadership and management roles in addition to their deep knowledge and experience in Lean thinking.

Contacts Areas of experience

Nationwide - our team is currently based in the Auckland, Waikato and Nelson Bays areas.

Sector experience
  • Food and beverage manufacturing and distribution 
  • Agribusiness (horticulture, intensive livestock husbandry, processing) 
  • Metal products manufacturing (fabrication, sheet metal machining) 
  • Machinery manufacturing 
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing and distribution 
  • Timber products manufacturing 
  • Construction materials manufacturing (including windows, doors, modular buildings) 
  • Industrial products distribution 
  • Chemicals and coatings manufacturing 
  • Printing and sign manufacturing 
  • Electronics and hi-tech manufacturing.
Sector expertise

Technical Specialisation

  • Implementing Lean for small and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies proven among more than 400 companies in 21 countries 
  • Lean manufacturing 
  • Lean plant or warehouse layout 
  • Lean warehouse operations
  • Lean maintenance (total productive maintenance)
  • Supply-chain management
  • Lean leadership.

Lean Service Delivery Methodologies

  • The TXM process starts with gaining a clear understanding of your business objectives. We then design a tailored programme and action plan to take your business where it needs to go. Ongoing support is provided with the skills development and coaching at every stage ensuring your objectives are achieved. We have delivered sustainable bottom-line improvements across almost every aspect of business, from plant layout, to supply-chain design, office and administrative processes, sales processes and engineering. We also help our clients address organisational structure and develop the right people to successfully lead the change. Our approach to Lean implementation is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. We work with you to tailor a solution, get hands-on with you as you pilot the solution, then give you time to trial and reflect on the new processes before returning to your site to ‘check’ the results and ‘act’ to lock in the change. We understand the busy world of SMEs so we focus on the concepts, principles, tools, and techniques that will efficiently and effectively facilitate change. Our coaching is highly flexible, usually delivered where people work and involves short sessions with individuals and small groups, maximising the retention rate for new ideas. Projects are broken into stages to provide an opportunity for review at each stage, with a typical project taking 10–12 months. Our focus on achieving results means that most customers achieve returns that exceed five times their investment.

Working with us on


TXM projects are billed on the basis of a flat fee to deliver agreed client objectives. We provide a warranty to customers that if those objectives are not delivered we will continue to work at our own expense until they are delivered.

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