Paul Rose

Paul Rose

Team Leader Bioprocessing Fermentation


Fermentation process development expert

I am a Team Leader in the Biotechnologies division specialising in Bioprocessing and Fermentation. My role mainly involves providing leadership in fermentation process development and facilitating the transfer of technology to companies for the commercialisation of R&D.

I am passionate about partnering with New Zealand companies, assisting them in adopting new processes, launching innovative products, and fostering their growth. As a result of this I’m proud to be building and growing this current team of amazing scientists and seeing the impact they make for New Zealand companies.

Industry leadership stems from the collaborative efforts which have built up the Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) into a notable national research body.

Together with my team, I am dedicated to driving innovation, facilitating technology transfer, and fostering the growth of New Zealand's biotechnology sector.

Areas of expertise
  • People Leadership
  • R&D Leadership in fermentation and bioprocessing
  • Scale up of fermentation and downstream processes
  • Precision fermentation
  • Live culture products
  • Human health NPD
  • Animal health NPD
  • Supercritical fluid extraction of natural products
  • Integration of processing unit operations
  • Valorisation of secondary streams from biological and primary industries
  • PhD Chemistry, University of Leeds, UK, 2003
Selected publications
  • Stephanie Harvey, Rebecca Edgar, Paul Rose. Process Development for the production of starter cultures for use in food fermentation, Food New Zealand, October/November 2021, p36.
  • Paul M. Rose, Victoria Cantrill, Meryem Benohoud, Alenka Tidder, Christopher M. Rayner, Richard S. Blackburn. Application of Anthocyanins from Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) Fruit Waste as Renewable Hair Dyes. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2018
  • Rose, P.M., Blackburn, R.S., Rayner, C.M., Natural Hair Dyes, WO2010/131049.
  • Deswarte, F.E.I., Clark, J.H., Hardy, J.J.E., and Rose, P.M., The fractionation of valuable wax products from wheat straw using CO2, Green Chemistry, 2006, 8, p39-42.
  • Gunning, P.J., Rose, P.M., Marriot, R.J., Selective separation or extraction of steroidal glycosides by Supercritical fluid extraction using carbon dioxide, WO 2005/116049.
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