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Teresa Moreno

Principal Project Engineer


Supercritical fluid extraction expert

I work as a Principal Project Engineer specialising in Process Engineering within the Biotechnologies team where my focus is on the production of high-value products derived from biological resources. 

One of my most significant career contributions has been leading the development of Callaghan Innovation's hemp and cannabis capability from scratch. In 2016, I obtained our first licence from the Ministry of Health (MoH) when we began seeing early interest from the industry. With the support of internal funding, we have established expertise in decarboxylation, extraction, and downstream processing of hemp and cannabis materials to produce high cannabinoid-containing products. This has positioned us as the leading research provider in New Zealand for cannabis processing and product development, leading to numerous collaborations, commercial contracts, and international recognition.

Part of my responsibilities include the regulatory compliance for Callaghan Innovation’s Ministry of Primary Industries approved food manufacturing programmes as well as the Ministry of Health approved License to Deal in Controlled Drugs.

My dedication to innovation in biotechnology process engineering stems from my passion for sustainable and efficient utilisation of biological resources. Alongside my colleagues, we strive to develop novel solutions that optimise production processes, improve product quality, and adhere to regulatory standards.

Areas of expertise
  • Supercritical fluid extraction
  • High pressure processing
  • Natural product extraction and fractionation
  • Cannabis processing
  • Food technology
  • Food safety
  • Formulation
  • PhD ProcessEngineering, University of Valladolid (Spain), 2011
Memberships and awards
  • Member of the Science Leadership Group of the Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) https://bioresourceprocessing.co.nz/
Selected publications
  • Post-extraction processes. Improvements of functional characteristics of extracts; S. Rodriguez-Rojo, T. Moreno, V.S.S. Gonçalves, A. Martin, A. Navarrete, M.J Cocero; in: Natural Product Extraction: Principles and Applications 2nd edition (2022). Eds. J. Prado and M. Rostagno, RSC publishing.
  • Extraction of hemp seed using near-critical CO2, propane, and dimethyl ether; C. Ellison, T. Moreno, O. Catchpole, T. Fenton, K. Lagutin, A. MacKenzie, K. Mitchell, D. Scott; Journal of Supercritical Fluids (2021), 173, 105218.
  • Cannabinoid decarboxylation: a comparative kinetic study; T. Moreno, P. Dyer, S. Tallon; Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2020), 59, 20307–20315.
  • Extraction of cannabinoids from hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) using high pressure solvents: an overview of different processing options; T. Moreno, F. Montanes, S.J. Tallon, T. Fenton, J.W. King; Journal of Supercritical Fluids (2020), 161, 104850.
  • Perspectives on processing of high value lipids using supercritical fluids; O. Catchpole, T. Moreno, F. Montanes, S. Tallon; Journal of Supercritical Fluids (2018), 134, 260-268
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