Philip Zhang

Philip Zhang

Senior Data Scientist

Applied Technologies

Practical models and applications using NLP

I work in the Data Vision team as a Senior Data Scientist. We’re helping companies using my applied maths skills in the areas of Machine Learning and Finite Element Modelling, and have developed several cutting-edge models in Image Processing and Natural Language Processing.

Working for the compliance and risk management SaaS business Totum, I managed the project, and our team delivered a DIY workshop upskilling their software developers with cutting-edge models in NLP. Their team was really satisfied with our team’s services and gave us a perfect score (10/10) on our overall performance in the post-workshop survey conducted by Callaghan Innovation.

When developing and building models you may not know that in the 'eyes' of Language Models, all ideas are literally ‘equal’: they are just some vectors in a Latent Vector Space.

Areas of expertise
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Image Processing
  • Finite Element Modelling
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, Massey University, 2008
Memberships and awards
  • One of the key members of the Data Vision team as we won the Team Award in Science New Zealand 2020.
Selected publications
  • W. Song, Z. Jiang, X. Zhang, M. Staines et al. AC loss simulation in a HTS 3-Phase 1 MVA transformer using H formulation. Cryogenics, Volume 94 , Pages 14-21, (2018).
  • Z. Jiang, R. Toyomoto, N. Amemiya, X. Zhang and C. Bumby, Dynamic resistance of a high-Tc coated conductor wire in a perpendicular magnetic field at 77K. Superconductor Science and Technology, 30 03LT01, (2017).
  • B. McDonald, L. Hall and X. Zhang, Who is most likely to offend in my store now? Statistical steps towards retail crime prevention with Auror. ANZIAM J. 57, pp.M289-M331 (2017).
  • N. Lund, X. Zhang and S. Hendy. Calculation of effective slip on rough chemically heterogeneous surfaces using a homogenization approach. Physical Review E 86 (4 Pt 2):046303, (2012).
  • R. Mclachlan and X. Zhang. Asymptotic blow-up profiles for modified Camassa-Holm equations. SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems, 10(2), (2011)
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