Lan Le Ngoc

Lan Le-Ngoc

Principal Research Scientist

Applied Technologies

Dynamic systems theoretical and experimental research leader

I am a seasoned Principal Research Scientist specialising in Applied Technologies, with a focus on Advanced Engineering and Materials. I have devoted my >30 year career to theoretical and experimental research in dynamic systems, instrumentation, controls, and digital signal processing.

Diverse engineering projects I have led include cutting-edge topics such as machine learning and AI in engineering, hydrodynamics, wave-structure interactions, and ocean wave energy conversion, where I had the privilege to lead the WET-NZ project.

I’ve also worked in coupled human-machine systems where we developed upper limb motion and strength assessment tools for rehabilitation and software for stroke rehabilitation. As an applied engineer, I have delivered commercial services in analytical and experimental stress and vibration analyses, product design and development of innovative wood cutting tools, boat and propulsion system performance measurement, seismic qualifications, and response analysis of rotating systems.

My research contributions have earned me the Royal Society Medal for my groundbreaking research into wood cutting.

I continue to explore new frontiers in engineering and materials science, striving to make a significant impact in applied technologies in pursuit of Callaghan Innovation’s mission supporting New Zealand’s economic development.

Areas of expertise
  • Analytical and computational mechanics
  • Engineering dynamics (structural, rigid-body, fluid, thermo)
  • Cutting of natural materials (fracture mechanics, cellular materials)
  • Assistive devices (biomechanics, human motion measurement)
  • Ocean wave energy conversion (ocean wave mechanics, wave-structure interaction)
  • AI in engineering applications
  • Instrumentation and signal processing
  • Scientific software development (Python, Julia, Matlab, C, C++, Java, Fortran)
  • Linux / open source software
  • BEng Hons, Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury, 1987
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury, 1990
Memberships and awards
  • Royal Society Medal for research into the cutting of wood, 2001
Selected publications
  • Lan has published 15 journal articles, 1 book chapter, 29 conference proceedings and has 6 patents.
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