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Yeats Consulting Ltd is a niche provider of consulting services focussing on improving business and operational performance using the tools and methodologies of ‘Lean’. Yeats Consulting has delivered significant change / improvement programmes to over 200 organisations across all business sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

Between 1987 and 2004, Clinton Yeats worked in the Japanese motor industry (Toyota and Nissan) in South Africa, Europe and Japan. He held various roles in engineering, production and programme management and was responsible for product and process development, plant preparation, as well as the management and leadership of engineering and production teams. At Nissan he was responsible for the development and performance of key European parts suppliers through the design and delivery of operational improvement programmes.

A central function in all Clinton’s roles involved the use of Kaizen/Lean and driving continuous improvement activities throughout the operations and teams. On emigrating to NZ in 2004 Clinton established Yeats Consulting Ltd. Since then, he has provided consulting services to more than 200 NZ businesses and organisations.

Clinton’s approach is to involve full cross-functional teams (at all levels) in developing and implementing robust, efficient and quality-driven operational processes (and workplaces), as well as the necessary supporting management systems to deliver ongoing business and operational performance improvements. Through specific programmes of work and elevating organisations from ‘people’ to ‘process led’, significant improvements are achieved in productivity, product and process quality, workplace safety, leadership, and team culture.

Lean Service Delivery Methodologies

Yeats Consulting offers various Lean/business performance improvement programmes that are tailored to the specific needs, size and capabilities of any NZ business or organisation.

All programmes involve a top-down/bottom-up process of change and improvement. From the start, a clear narrative around the need for change is developed, performance improvement objectives/targets (KPIs) established, and clearly defined responsibilities and timelines specified.

Training in Lean concepts ensures the full team can identify the opportunities for improvement (wastes/NVA activities) within the business, and they are aligned and committed to the need for change. Problem-solving training enables the teams to identify the root causes of underlying ‘systemic’ issues and problems within the business, and through the application of specific Lean processes and tools, the necessary improvements and changes are implemented.

Throughout the change process, robust and transparent communication ensures the ongoing engagement and involvement of all staff. Leadership skills at all levels are developed through the planning of tasks and the development and ‘ownership’ of the improved processes and physical workplace. A Lean/quality management system is developed to ensure all improvement activities are managed, monitored, and sustained beyond the programme timeframe.

Contacts Areas of experience

Nationwide (travel costs apply to regions outside of Auckland).

Sector experience
  • Manufacturing (process and job-shop)
  • Heavy engineering/projects engineering 
  • Food and beverage 
  • Print and packaging 
  • Utilities, transport and logistics 
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Services: health, financial, creative and retail
  • Local government and industry training organisations.
Sector expertise

Technical Specialisation

  • Process and people performance optimisation
  • Business process improvement 
  • Operations strategy development 
  • Workplace management (5S) and safety culture development 
  • Lean/Quality management system development 
  • Change management 
  • Management and leadership development
  • Lean ‘tool’ and methodology training and implementation.

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Consulting rates are based on the type and duration of the programme of work. Travel costs apply to work outside of the Auckland region.

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